North County Water & Sports Therapy February 2019

HOW CAN EXERCISE HELP YOUR GOLF GAME? Performing a disciplined, tailor-made strength and flexibility program can help:




What frustrates you most about your golf game? Pain is often the reason a golfer seeks out a physical therapist. As experts in movement dysfunction, physical therapists can help alleviate your pain and keep you on the golf course. The right exercise prescription helps improve your golf performance.

Here are the musculoskeletal issues we see that lead to inconsistencies and distance loss:


Hip tightness leading to difficulty twisting leg in and out


Core weakness with difficulty moving lower body and upper body separately


Mid-back tightness causing difficulty in twisting the trunk


Shoulder and chest tightness limiting full swing

Another happy golfer returns to golf after shoulder replacement surgery! “I came to North County Water and Sports in conjunction with therapy required after a total shoulder replacement in June. The operation was necessitated by a “bone-on- bone” situation — i.e. no joint space or cartilage after many years of sports-related injuries to my throwing arm. Prior to surgery, I was greatly inhibited by pain and loss of motion. I avoided reaching overhead, and my favorite sport, golf, was becoming less enjoyable because of the pain I felt after playing. North County Water and Sports was my choice for rehab, and it was a good one. My therapist has encouraged me and worked to get me back into a normal situation, returning me to an enjoyment of sports and general activities. He is very knowledgeable and has great people skills!”

–Charles Raysbrook, 10/24/18

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