CALMING BLEND Perfect to relieve anxiety, colic, irritability, tension, nervousness and stress.

UPLIFTING BLEND Promotes a feeling of positivity, clarity, alertness and to uplift your mood, mind and body. Fights tiredness and jet lag.

SKIN CLEARING BLEND Relieves acne, burns, eczema, dehydrated skin, diaper rash, skin blemishes and uneven skin tone.

SOOTHING BLEND Soothe aches, arthritis, cramps, joint pain and muscle spasms. Perfect for a massage after a long day, long hours on the computer or an intense workout.

PROTECTIVE BLEND Excellent personal care product for protection against common colds, chest congestion, growths, viral and bacterial infection. Anti-parasite properties to help guard your overall health.

HEALTH SHIELD BLEND A blend of essential oils to support the body’s natural immune system and to provide relief for fever, headaches, stomach aches and sinus. A natural bug repellent.

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