3 IN 1 EYEBROW PENCIL - BLACK OR BROWN Everything you need to build exquisite eyebrows. A retractable pencil, powder and brow gel mascara. Achieve eyebrows that are as natural-looking or bold as you desire by applying these essentials alone or together. 1. Brow Pencil: Fill in the sparse areas of the brow by using hair stroke motions or use it to outline the desired shape of the brow. 2. Powder Applicator: Fill in the sparse area of the brow with the powder applicator for a natural looking eyebrow. 3. Brow Gel Mascara with definition-brush: Optional to use to complete a bold look by setting your brows with a careful swipe of mascara to hold brow hairs in place.

PRICE: R210 SACU: R240

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