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July/August 2019


July 24 marks the date of an important historical event. It was the day that Amelia Earhart, American aviation pioneer, author,

environments to prevent the pesky flies from reproducing. My job was to work in a dark room

lessons I learned from exceptional historical figures like Earhart were still reminding me of the value of working smarter and not harder and always aiming to complete more than is asked of you. Earhart’s innovation, creativity, and grit helped inspire me to continue developing my own abilities as an orthodontist and business owner. Even now, I’m the first person in this entire peninsula treating patients with Invisalign as early as age 7. If you are a parent with kids who are starting their first summer job or preparing to head off to college, you should encourage them to make responsibility and a strong work ethic major focuses in their lives. Teach them how important it is to look outside the box and work toward achieving their goals no matter the barriers. By doing so, they will assuredly get more out of every opportunity. Lastly, all these opportunities are only available to us because of the hard work and sacrifice of our military men and women who made living in this free country a reality. To them, and to all the others who continue to preserve our freedom, thank you and Happy Independence Day!

and take apart fly traps that were set up in the

and the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, was born. Growing up in

trees outside to determine which flies had the marker indicating sterilization and which ones were pests.

the late 1800s and early 1900s, Earhart probably never imagined that she’d be revered centuries later as one of

While some people might turn their heads at the thought of working with flies, I actually really

the country’s most influential innovators. After all, no child is born thinking they will dramatically change the world. Making the same kind of imprint on history as Earhart is a process of ceaselessly learning, establishing a strong work ethic, and never putting a limit on your talents. Like Earhart, I had to follow a difficult path to achieve my own goals. It required years of education both inside and outside the classroom. One of the most transformative experiences was my first adult job. While I’d dabbled in customer service as a retail sales associate during my summers in high school, in college, I was fortunate enough to earn a job working for the Department of Agriculture. At that time, researchers were conducting a big project in San Jose studying fruit flies, which were known for attacking farmers’ fruit.

enjoyed this job, and I excelled at it. In fact, after a couple of short weeks, I was promoted out of the darkroom and into driving a company vehicle to the outside locations to check the traps, a job that was typically reserved for employees who had been working there for far longer. I bring up this promotion to prove a point. While it’s easy to go and get a normal nine-to- five job and do the minimum amount of requirements, if you take the time to put forth your best effort, doors of opportunity will open for you just like they did for me! With that promotion, I was even given a raise from $3 per

hour to $5 per hour. It might not seem like a lot of money now, but at the time, I was more than proud. Fast forward several years later, and those early work experiences and the

–Dr. Alexa Alborzi

These researchers were hoping to introduce sterile flies into the heavily invaded

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