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MP: How do you protect that culture while growing so rapidly? JD: To create a family atmosphere, start by not recruiting everyone. It’s about the right people who share the same values and vision of the company. Just because someone closes 75 deals a year, it doesn’t mean they’re a good fit for us. Their values and vision must line up with ours for it to be a win-win. This ap- proach of not bringing everyone into the company has led to collaboration that’s simply not seen in our indus- try. Because our members are so aligned, they don’t view each other as competitors, but partners work- ing toward the same goal. I’ve truly never seen a group of people more willing to share ideas and best prac- tices with their peers, just to help them succeed. MP: How does the company’s col- laborative environment benet the consumer? JD: This member collaboration has led to minimum standards our entire company is expected to follow. For NextHomies, it’s about having the most professional brand presence and agents in the marketplace. You NextHome’s culture of family, collaboration, standards and purpose is maintained by only bringing on the right people with the same values and vision.

simply can’t have that if everyone is doing things differently at varying lev- els of quality. We hold each other ac- countable to these high standards, which, in turn, creates a more profes- sional company. It’s become our pur- pose. If we’re going to remain at the center of the real estate transaction into the future, we must do more for the consumer, listen to their needs, and embrace change. This is the cul- ture of NextHome, and has genuinely become part of our DNA. MP: What’s your strategy for eec- tively marketing the rm and best serving the needs of prospects and clients? JD: We spend a majority of our time listening to buyer and seller needs. When something is commonly re- quested by buyers or sellers, we go to the extent of making it a minimum standard across our company. It’s important to us that clients receive the level of marketing and profes- sionalism they deserve. We then make sure our offices and agents have the products and services to fulfill those needs, and we automate the process of creating them so it’s not a burden of cost or time to our members. It has to be easy for our agents so they can focus their time on client relationships and money- generating activities.

For example, we recently rolled out a new marketing automation prod- uct for our agents. This new product automatically creates a collection of beautiful marketing pieces for them when a new listing is entered into our system. Our members receive an email containing a single property website, social media posts, flyers and brochures, and postcards for farming, as well as other materials. We also send them new marketing pieces for their open houses, a price reduction, or farming materials after the property is sold. By doing this, we can require these marketing piec- es be used on every listing, which raises the level of professionalism in our company, while also not requiring our agents to do any additional work. This is a prime example of how we effectively market the company and serve everyone’s needs. JD: Our primary objective is to con- tinue expanding the franchise into markets we don’t currently serve. We’re expecting to grow to 350-plus locations in all 50 states by year’s end, and our goal in 2019 is 500- plus locations with about 5,000 NextHomies. We’re also planning to expand internationally in 2019 to start our global referral network. We’re very excited to take the brand outside the U.S. We have several more products and services sched- uled to launch this year, which will further enhance our technology and marketing platform. And finally, we’re focused on automation and integrat- ing AI into our proprietary CRM sys- tem. Our goal is to further automate outreach to prospects and clients for our agents and increase their perceived value proposition and pro- fessionalism. These are just a few of the many exciting things on the hori- zon for NextHome. RE MP: What’s on deck for the future of NextHome?

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