Iowa School of Music 2021-22 Magazine

Student Profiles

Will Adams ’22

Voice Clive, IA

Our students at all levels are making their mark in the world of music. Meet one student at each stage of study as they share their goals, words of wisdom, and future plans.

Q: Why did you choose to study voice at Iowa? A: I wasn’t involved in music until my junior year of high school, but my first experience was enough to tell me that music was what I wanted to do for the rest of my career. I fell in love with the art of music and theater, and their ability to provide perspectives. The University of Iowa had faculty members who saw me as an individual. They also believed in my success as a performer. Q: What’s a favorite Iowa Music memory? A: A specific lesson with Professor Elise DesChamps. She made a beautiful comparison and analogy about me as a performer and an instrument: the cello. Though there are many individual pieces that make up the anatomy of an individual instrument, it takes all pieces of the instrument to create one unit of art; nothing is a masterpiece without all parts working together, be it collaborative or individual. Even as an individual, all parts must work together synchronously. Q: What has surprised you about your time at Iowa? A: How opportunistic the Corridor community is between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids! This area is filled with magnificent art and creativity. Throughout my time at the University of Iowa, I was thrilled to see how many shows were being put on year-round. The performance opportunities are endless. Q: What advice do you have for new Iowa Music students? A: Take advantage of the opportunities available in this area to perform. There is an opening night every month in the Corridor. Q: What are your future plans? A: I plan to be a professional performer. I will be on a national tour this fall and based in New York City by January.


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