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One of the reasons I applied to the University of Iowa was the Rita Benton Music Library. It is such a good library!

Christos Sidiropoulos

Master’s Program, Musicology Greece

Q: Why did you choose to study musicology at Iowa? A: One of the reasons I applied to the University of Iowa was the Rita Benton Music Library. It is such a good library! It includes almost everything related to music, and it really had an impact on my research as a musicologist. Another reason is the musicology faculty. Everyone is very well grounded in their fields with continuous publications and conference participation. On top of that, they are very cooperative and friendly. Even though I was not able to visit the campus before applying, I was invited to participate in some online classes, and I really liked the setting, which further convinced me. Q: What’s a favorite Iowa Music memory so far? A: One thing I cannot forget about my first year is how much support I received from faculty and staff. Whenever I was struggling, everyone explained things thoroughly for me. As an international student, it made my transition very smooth. When I came to Iowa, it was also my first time in the United States. Things were a mess. Now I feel very comfortable as a student here. Q: What has surprised you about your time at Iowa? A: The number and variety of activities and programs the University of Iowa offers. Especially with music, it’s hard sometimes to get involved. Here, it came almost naturally for me to explore a variety of these things.

Q: What advice do you have for new Iowa Music students? A: Try out everything! The School of Music provides a great variety of courses and many performance opportunities for anyone to take advantage of. I know most students have their set goals—but participate everywhere you can. A good example is Turning Your Research into Teaching. This particular program was about creating a course based on your own personal interests, and I really liked the fact that it was surrounded by details and the opportunity to discuss teaching with people outside the School of Music. Another good example is the variety of talks that happen throughout the campus. I observed some talks about Anne Frank and the Holocaust, and it was really interesting to hear and see some in-depth analyses. Q: What are your future plans? A: To apply for the PhD in Musicology program and publish an article. The article I’m currently working on is about the film Zorba the Greek. I am analyzing the ways the score’s composer, Mikis Theodorakis, managed to combine Eastern and Western elements that transcend the content of the movie itself—especially in the last scene. In a sense, the movie and music promote friendship and embrace all aspects of human nature, no matter its origins.


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