Eversole Law Firm - Spring 2020

Encouraging Kids to Read Celebrating International Children’s Book Day Eversole Quarterly

Spring 2020

Despite life’s inevitable changes, reading has always been a constant for me. As a preteen, I particularly loved reading Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,” England's greatest fictional private investigator. At bedtime, I’d read myself to sleep, engulfed in the mysteries of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Later in life, I read just about every John Grisham novel I could get my hands on. Both authors sparked my passion for the law. My interests have evolved over the years to nonfiction books of a more serious nature, discussing public policy and national politics. For example, our wonderful former Gov. Nikki Haley, who was our country’s ambassador to the United Nations, wrote eloquently in her new book about her experiences in government service and her view of this great nation on the global stage. There is nothing more important for the future than our individual voices about the American Dream, the politicians who best protect our freedoms, and those we choose to serve in Congress, as judges, and as president. "By reflecting on what we loved to read at their age, we can enjoy this holiday with the younger generations and maybe even pass on a few of our own favorites." On a lighter note, I read almost anything I can find that focuses on the nature of horses. With two horses of my own, McLain and Smokey, equestrian books improve my understanding of them when riding, grooming, or just hanging out. The more I watch my horses and interact with them, the more I learn their individual personalities. It’s fascinating to observe how they so subtly interact with the world around them.

April is one of the best times for all adults to reflect on what they enjoyed reading as kids. International Children’s Book Day on April 2 encourages adults to think about their favorite books from childhood and aims to inspire children to become excited about reading. By reflecting on what we loved to read at their age, we can enjoy this holiday with the younger generations and maybe even pass on a few of our own favorites. As a parent, I read to my daughter, Kelsey, when she was young, and today, she’s an avid reader. Now as a grandparent, I read as often as possible to our granddaughter, who is 4 years old. Right now, her favorite book for me to read is “How to Babysit a Grandma.” It won't be long before it’s something else. This is a wonderful time of year to encourage everyone you know to read. For International Children’s Book Day this month and afterward, offer to read to someone and encourage a passion for books that will last a lifetime.

-Alysoun Eversole




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