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CelebratingMy Daughter’s 1st Birthday A YEAR WITH AUDREY

O n Friday, Dec. 15, 2017, my life changed forever. That was the day my daughter was born. Here we are almost a year later, and I literally cannot imagine my life without Audrey. The last year flew by. It’s crazy how fast things change. Last year, Audrey was so small that Renee and I were able to take a picture of her snuggled inside her Christmas stocking. This year, I don’t think Audrey is going to fit unless we get her one of those giant stockings. She’s gotten so big and really doesn’t like to sit still. Audrey’s perfectly happy to be carried around, but the moment you try to sit down with her in your lap, she’ll get restless. She’d rather be on the move, checking things out and observing what’s going on around her. She’s like a little scientist, always looking for something new. Every week, it seems like she’s hitting some new milestone. She’s been saying “dada” and “mama” a lot, and she sometimes looks in the mirror and says “baby.” It’s amazing to watch her grow. My parents came out right after Audrey was born and then again two months later. They were astounded by how much she’d changed in just those few weeks. Every time they come to town, she’s radically different. Renee and I see her every day, so we don’t often notice the changes. But there are times when I stop and think, “Wow. Just look at her today!”

island in our kitchen. Renee or I will pop up, and Audrey just bursts into a fit of laughter. It’s adorable. I never knew playing peekaboo could be so much fun. Speaking of things I didn’t know, I need to shout out Renee for being the most incredible woman on the planet. I heard all kinds of horror stories about sleepless nights and dirty diapers, but no one talks about the time and effort that goes into breastfeeding! Poor Renee has been Audrey’s food supply for a year, and that

Audrey and Renee

takes a great deal of sacrifice. She always has to pay attention to what she eats and drinks, and it’s hard to travel or go to new places when you have to bring the pump around. I have so much admiration for Renee being able to do this all year. We’re really looking forward to being able to put the pump away and move Audrey to formula soon.

“Every week, it seems like she’s hitting some new milestone.”

Audrey is really starting to develop her own personality. She gets fussy sometimes, but for the most part, she’s pretty calm. Some babies laugh and smile all the time, but with Audrey, you really have to work for it. She loves playing peekaboo, so sometimes we’ll put her in her high chair and duck down behind the

It’s been quite the year, and I am blessed to have spent it with my wife and our beautiful baby girl. Happy birthday, Audrey. I am so happy you are in our lives and that I get to be here to see you learn and grow every day. I love you so much. –Dr. Seth Evans

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