United Conservatory of Music May 2018


MAY 2018

FROM THE DESK OF Christopher Scherer

Dear UCM Family, As I enter my third year living in Fresno, I feel blessed to be part of this wonderful community. We are always striving to bring more joy and happiness to your lives with music. Let us know how we are doing and how we can improve! Don’t roast in the sun this summer; join us for our Chamber Music Camp! Space is limited to 40 participants and is also open to beginners. We will have an instrument “petting zoo,” so if you’ve ever wanted to try a new instrument, now is the time! For our cello players there will be a special cello festival with guest Diana Wuli at the end of July. Stay tuned for more information! Finally, even though you might be gone during the summer for a few weeks, be sure to save your lesson and teacher time. The rapid growth of our school means that your time may not be available if you unregister for the summer. We will be setting up makeup credits for as many lessons as you might need for weeks you are gone during the summer! Let’s keep making music! –Christopher Scherer Director

When you imagine your kids as adults, what do you see? Do you imagine that your lives intersect? Are you still close with them? That time is still years away, but if you hope to have a long-lasting relationship with your kids, now is the time to start building it. From birth to age 2 is when some of the most critical social development occurs in humans, and for the “social” part of the brain to grow, your child needs your attention. But even after that, it’s important to continue cultivating your relationship. It’s not just about the quantity of time you spend together, either. According to the Mental Health Foundation, “Parents and carers will have a relationship with their GIVE 12 HUGS ADAY 5 Ways to Cultivate a Relationship With Your Kids

child, but it is the quality of the relationship that is important.” Here are five ways to you can foster that relationship, starting today. Hug to Build Trust

There’s one little gesture that can go a long way — a hug. An article in Psychology Today recommends 12 hugs or other physical connections a day. Yes, it’s that simple; hug each other more. Remember how good a hug feels? Hugging is one of the simplest ways to demonstrate affection and build trust. According to Dr. Srini Pillay, it’s because the embrace helps deactivate the fear center of your brain — the amygdala — and stimulates oxytocin, which increases trust.

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