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JONATHAN’S 15TH BIRTHDAY Our Trip to Carolina ATV World

Jonathan enjoys a variety of gadgets, toys, sports, and hobbies. But this year, he asked for something different for his birthday. It wasn’t a material object he wanted this time; instead, he asked me to take him on a riding and camping trip to Carolina Adventure World (CAW). Jonathan really enjoys camping and riding ATVs, and Alison thought it was a fantastic idea. So, we planned it. Chuck and Jared Jubran, my cousin and his son who also live in Jacksonville, followed us to South Carolina for our three-day adventure that we started on Saturday at 4 a.m. We were off to one of our favorite riding spots in the country, and we looked forward to kicking off Jonathan’s 15th birthday celebration with travel, adventure, fun, and excitement. Jonathan has been riding his own ATV since age 6; and before that, he rode as a passenger in front of me on my ATV. What keeps us riding is the freedom and adventure an ATV delivers. We enjoy the forests, the weather, and the seasonal shifts in the terrain we see from trip to trip. Each ride is truly a unique adventure! Riding brings entertainment and fun for all ages. It’s always been a thing for our family, and that’s why we were excited Chuck and Jared could make the trip. We always enjoy the opportunity to take a break in the great outdoors with friends and family. The whole family rides! Jonathan and I try to ride and camp in South Carolina annually, and we ride locally with Alison and Addison in the Ocala National Forest — but only in the cooler months. The whole family has made the trip to CAW at least twice.

Jonathan and I enjoy Carolina Adventure World. They boast one-way riding trails with all levels of difficulty clearly marked. Amenities include furnished cabins for lodging and also tent or RV- style camping. They have an enduro track, a mud bogging pit, a drag racing strip, and a rock crawling area. They have a disc golf course and used to be one of the best zip line venues in the country. They have since closed the zip lines, but you can still find some of the lines and support structures on the property. We usually stick to riding the trails, but we also enjoy watching others play in the mud or on the drag strip. On the morning of Jonathan’s birthday, we rode away from our cabin for the last ride of the trip at 5 a.m. We rode our favorite trails before dawn. As we rode, the sun’s rays began to shimmer from the dew in the trees and the valley, and by that time, we had ridden 82 miles of hilly, freshly groomed, damp clay trails. We had an amazing time celebrating Jonathan’s 15th birthday in South Carolina with Chuck and Jared. When we returned home Monday afternoon, Alison and Addison went all-out with decorations, balloons, and some of Jonathan’s favs: oysters, chicken wings, and birthday cake! We returned home Monday, and by Tuesday afternoon, Jonathan had obtained his restricted driver’s permit!


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