CCI-Review - 2020/2021 - #1

… Video Conferencing for Condo Boards

maximize the efficiency of their work hours in the day, and alleviate their evening responsibilities.

efficient in certain contexts, just as teleconferencing and video conferencing will be in other contexts. The focus should primarily be on leveraging virtual board meetings when it is convenient to do so. One way which has already been mentioned is seeking flexible meeting times to accommodate the participation of all directors. Exercising this as an option presents tremendous opportunity to save time for condo directors, as well as property managers. Another way virtual meetings can help save time is by using it strategically with governance operations. An example of this would be utilizing virtual board meetings when strategically planning decisions or receiving presentations from vendors. The tools virtual meetings can provide can make the experience of strategic planning and vendor presentations much more dynamic and efficient. And as a compliment, the in-person board meeting can be used to finalize/ratify decisions that are going to be made. This would significantly reduce the duration of in-person board meetings, which in many cases can run for more than 3 hours. - AR

The adaption of teleconferencing and video conferencing also has it’s growing pains. Concerns regarding security and privacy are legitimate, and learning these technologies has also required time commitment for everyone involved. Adapting to new realities of a global pandemic won’t go without challenges. The question now becomes, when emergency orders are finally lifted, should condo boards return to in-person board meetings entirely? When it comes to interpersonal communication, nothing will replace in-person social interaction. This is why business executives can make the argument their requirement to travel for senior level meetings is ‘essential’. Condo directors are officers of a corporation. The same principle can apply. When tackling this question, it should be viewed in shades of gray, and not black or white.

In-person board meetings will certainly be more

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