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Planner if there are discrepancies to make sure you’re on the right track. Similarly, loop your Planner in if you intend to carry out Reserve Fund expenditures that aren’t planned in your study. This is less of a concern for minor items, but is an essential step for major component repairs and replacements. Tricia - Insurance premiums are not likely to go down so being prepared for an increase in premiums every year is prudent. - JD, SE, SN, TS

CCI-Toronto continues to issue and share legislative newsflashes with us. You can find them on our Website. Ontario chapters continue to create webinars that you are welcome to participate in. Visit our Resource Centre on our website for upcoming events and more.

Condominium Connection to Education

Learning is Never Lost

Education is an investment in the future of your corporation . We are confi- dent that each and every learning opportunity will be of interest to you. During these times when in-person times are not happening, opportunities to meet and network online with other owners, directors, professionals and trades who live and work in our communities can be helpful. We miss seeing you; however, public health guidelines will continue to dictate how we conduct our education events, just as they will continue to do so in your corpo- rations and your businesses. Of course, we do crave some in-person connections, but, we must continue to be patient so that we all remain safe and well. The chapter’s Education Committee and the Board of Directors will continue to develop actions to progress and reach out to you to provide learning and other events. As we develop our presentations, we will notify you via an Email Commu- niqué. If we do not have your Email address, please Email the Administrator with it, along with your company/condo plan number. Continue to check out our web- site for updates as well. The Administrator welcomes your Emails at any time. Feel free to question, comment, suggest or share. Corporations are reminded that it is mandatory for all directors appointed, elected or re-elected on or after November 1, 2017 to complete the online Director Train- ing provided by the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) within 6 months of their appointment. They define and monitor the requirement for directors to take the training. There are consequences that may affect the business of your cor- poration and could be avoided.

Many boards welcome the availability of more in- depth education opportu- nities to best respond to their responsibilities to protect the assets and the investments that owners have made in the corpora- tion. Offerings by CCI cannot be applied to the requirements by the CAO. Check out our website Resource Centre for publi- cations and webinars pre- sented in chapters across Ontario, where some of our members presented, over the past months, while we were staying at home to stop the spread of the virus.

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