CCI-Review - 2020/2021 - #1

Chapter Communiqué - by Trish Kaplan, Administrator


Our relationship with COVID-19 is riddled with anxiety. Every day, we find out there is more that we don’t know about this virus. We depend on public health officials to keep us posted on the most effective guidelines and innovative safety elements to keep us all safe as we continue to plunge into unpredictable natures of the virus. The symptoms can range from being asymptomatic, in which case you may not even be aware you are carrying (and spreading) it, to mild symptoms with a quick recovery, to getting very sick and ending up in the ICU. More recently from studies being carried out all over the world, we are learning of the persistent and more varied symptoms from COVID-19 which would suggest, even to a lay person, that long term effects on our individual health will add to our worry. Notwithstanding immediate diagnoses, we continue to be made aware of patients experiencing ongoing symptoms and complications months later that will affect our health care system going forward. Again, there is so much more that we don’t know about this virus. It is not over yet. We must all dig deep for the patience we all need to achieve the daunting efforts to keep ourselves and those around us safe. The cases in London and area may seem low comparatively speaking, but this contagion is relentless and can change in a minute without the diligence we must all put into it to safeguard ourselves, our families and the wider community. Be safe out there!

Sadly, COVID-19 isn't all we have to deal with. Other unexpected medical concerns that haven’t taken a time-out while we deal with the virus have affected families and communities. For those who are getting through these health challenges, we send our best for a speedy and full recovery. To those who have suffered a loss in your family and community, we are saddened by your loss and we send our sincere condolences and hope that the blessings you share will help you through these tough times.


Weather challenges that may develop into insurance claims, scams that harm so many financially, and more have put some of our members in a spin and rightly so. The stress can be overwhelming, so your kindness to others does make a world of difference and is so appreciated by those on the receiving end.


Heavy rains and winds can cause substantial damage on the properties and within individual units. Being familiar with insurance policies that need to be in place are so important in the event of a claim. Education on insurance requirements and processes to report claims are crucial for boards, owners and tenants to protect themselves and their assets.



Reports of scams continue to plague us and the results are mind-boggling. It is critical that you do not provide any personal or financial information to anyone you do not know and trust. Despite all of the scam alerts reported on social media, in newspapers, on TV and radio, the impact of fraud is distressingly alarming. From the Canadian Police Association – “if it doesn't feel or sound right, it probably isn't”. Stay vigilant! If you have been a victim of fraud, don’t be embarrassed,. You are not alone. Up-to-date statistics continue to be alarming. Always contact your local police and report each and every one, even if you didn’t endure any losses. Otherwise, please file your report online through the Fraud Reporting System.

Before you make any plans for get-togethers, travel, or otherwise, do review information on the Middlesex London Health Unit, Public Health Ontario and the Public Health Agency of Canada for guidance on best and required habits.

Reopening information can be found here.

We have to maintain our careful attention to physical distancing, reduced community contacts, thorough hygiene practices and stay at home measures. Where necessary, testing, isolation and quarantine may be necessary. More recently, mask requirements have been issued to slow the spread. We have all seen or read about the horrific and painful losses of life that families have had to endure during this period. Don’t be a statistic.

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