CCI-Review - 2020/2021 - #1

Code of Conduct for Owners—Is there one? - by Trish Kaplan, CCI (Hons), Administrator

its employees, without exception. Problem solving, conflict resolution and decision making are spelled out with the process they apply. A condominium corporation is a business. Every owner is a shareholder in the corporation. The success in this business case where owners have made

The question is not new and is usually asked relative to a behavioral characteristic. The quick response could be as easy and familiar as everyone should “treat others as you would have them treat you”. It encompasses the code of behaviour all individuals should strive to live by. It is possible though that this characteristic has been misplaced with all the rhetoric and vile discourse that has sadly become a norm on so much that we overhear and see. Most of us have experienced unexpected and even hateful forms of conduct at least once in our lives. How we react to it can determine whether it escalates. It is important to recognize that everyone you meet could be fighting a battle you know nothing about, that can ultimately affect their behaviour. Likewise, at least once in our own lives, our own inner demons may have affected our behaviour negatively and to our regret. Tip 1: When confronted with disrespectful behaviour, don’t engage, leave it until such time as the nature of the rift can be tempered. Tip 2: Don’t reward bad behaviour or it will be repeated and can escalate. Empathy and kindness can never go wrong and can transform another’s dark moment. Be the reason another can smile. They see a smile in person and in your voice. Very briefly, in business, a code of conduct is unique to the organization it represents. It reflects the organization’s daily operations, core values, its overall company culture and vision. While businesses do share certain characteristics, it is important they develop norms that create equality, positive and respectful communication among staff and clients, and an overall acceptably decent behaviour for all of

a substantial investment in the community is dependent upon

everyone doing the right thing with integrity and respect and all of the characteristics of a good business. A code of conduct in both cases is meant to complement relevant standards, policies and rules, not to substitute for them. Every owner has responsibilities to the corporation and the community, including toward the safety, growth and attraction of the property not only to protect their own investment for the future, but also to insure favourable responses from prospective buyers to the community. Owners are responsible to elect a Board of Directors to manage the affairs of the corporation. Presumably, owners will elect persons who possess obvious best interests in their community, play by the rules, conduct themselves competently, and have some experience in matters of business that will satisfy the members of the community that they are selecting directors wisely to carry out the very important tasks to protect the assets of the corporation. Directors elected to the board must understand they are part of a team to make decisions that will benefit the entire community and not any one owner. An owner will not always agree with the decisions of the board and it is their right to differ, but points can and should be made in a respectful manner. Boards will depend on professional expertise where there is conflicting

Trish Kaplan , CCI (Hon’s) is currently the chapter’s Administrator; however, she has served as a condominium director, manager and on the CCI Board of Directors as she studied and worked in the condominium arena. She was awarded the Distinguished Service Award at the CCI National Awards event in November 2006.

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