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O wners , D evelopers & M anagers Allura Condos use over 800 Crystal Windows and Doors Crystal provides waterfront views for Queens, NY Luxury Condos


waterfront and LaGuardia Airport across Flushing Bay. The Allura complex is U- shaped, with two parallel wings that protrude towards the water, and most of the units have full length glass railed balconies. Crystal windows and doors were combined in horizontally ganged and verti- cally stacked configurations to provide most of the apartments’ floor-to-ceiling glass façade elements. The majority of the window products supplied were the Crystal architectural Series 8500 Aluminum Outswing Casement and Series 8510 Alu- minum Fixed Picture windows. Over 700 of these windows were

used, predominantly in 2-, 4-, or 6-window configurations in sizes up to 84” wide by 96” tall. In some instances, operating casements and fixed sashes were combined in dual panel master frames. The Crystal Series 8500 Casement with 2-⅝” frame has an outstanding AW-PG100 rating, dual-arm operator, and double row bulb weather- stripping. For this project, the casements were specified with a beautiful satin chrome oper- ating handle and 4” sash open- ing limit devices. The Crystal Series 8510 Fixed Picture also has a 2-⅝” frame depth and is AW-PG85 rated. To provide building resi- dents access to the extensive balconies, over 120 heavy- commercial Crystal Series 1280 Aluminum Sliding Patio Doors were installed. The 2-panel sliding doors were fabricated in large sizes up to 72” wide by 96” tall. In some instances, the Se- ries 1280 doors were combined with two sidelight windows to span floor-to-ceiling openings 96” wide by 96” tall. The Series 1280 has a strong frame depth of 4-9⁄16”, an AAMA AW-PG50 rating, adjustable dual-tan- dem, stainless steel ball bear- ing rollers, and a heavy-duty latch handle. Waterfront Resort, Inc. is the owner of the Allura condo development. Lam& LamDe- sign is the project architect and engineer. The general contrac- tor is King’s USA Group, Inc. and the fenestration installer is Marvel Contracting .  Owners, Developers &Managers

UEENS, NY — New energy efficient Crys- tal Windows and

Doors provide spectacular views for apartments at the newly constructed Allura Wa- terfront Resort in Queens. Crystal Window & Door Sys- tems, the award-winning na- tional manufacturer, provided 842 high-end windows and slid- ing and swing terrace doors for the striking new development at 109-09 15th Avenue in Col- lege Point. The six-story Allura building with 134 apartments has floor-to-ceiling glass and metal panel façades onmultiple sides of the building, offering occupants great views of the

Allura Condo courtyard balconies

a section of the Mid Atlantic

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