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O wners , D evelopers & M anagers By Lisa Cassidy, ecoImagine How to achieve amazing things five seconds at a time


t’s late December. Most of us are ecstatic about this week long “escape”

want to make in the coming year - as daunting as they may seem. I recently began reading a book titled, “The Five Second Rule” by Mel Robbins. In this international best seller, Mel focuses intensely on the many moments, or opportunities, we come across each day that have the potential to change our career, our business – even our relationships. She states that the main obstacle to posi- tive new behaviors and actions is literally, INACTION. In 5 seconds, we have the power to act and make progress towards

a goal, or not act. Whether we choose to “do nothing” or maintain the status quo, we ultimately sabotage our plans for positive change. The good news is if you want to change, Mel offers up a sim- ple technique for overcoming the problem of inaction. Simply count down from 5 to 1, then JUST DO IT. Literally. Make yourself physically do some- thing towards your goal. For more details on how and why this works, I highly suggest you get the book. If you need proof that it works, just try it when faced with something you

don’t want to do, but know you should. I was a bit surprised it worked myself. The reason I bring this up on this cold December day in 2018 is because “doing nothing” and maintaining the “status quo” are common themes when it comes to implementing sustain- able business practices. Instead of reducing waste, recycling all possible commodities, not just ones with higher dollar value, offering fair wages or address- ing environmental and social concerns with manufacturers who provide low cost products to us, we do nothing.

When you have a moment to yourself this week, in addition to your personal 2019 goals, I want you to think about a policy, a process or program that can make your business or your community stronger, better or more environmentally conscious. Don’t waste time thinking…will it be too time consuming? Too much bother? Too risky? Just come up with one thing you can do that will build momentum towards that goal and do it. As business owners, manag- ers and members of our com- munity, it’s important to take time to think about the kind of change that matters, then lead the way. We all have the ability to be better, live better and make our world a better place to live. Here’s to doing amazing things 5 seconds at a time. Lisa R. Cassidy is president & senior marketing strategist with ecoImagine.  Silberstein, MBA establishes owner’s representation and real estate project management firm NEW YORK, NY — Dina Silberstein, MBA, a New York City construction project manager, real estate consul- tant, and commercial interior designer, has established an owner’s representation and real estate project manage- ment firm named DJS Con- sulting NYC, LLC (DJS) . Silberstein previously served as assistant director at Brook- field Property Partners, proj- ect manager at CBRE and The Mace Group, hotel develop- ment consultant at GB Lodg- ing, real estate development consultant at Etz Hashaked Corporation, interior designer and assistant project manager at The Switzer Group, and in- terior designer at Nelson. “While supervising construc- tion undertakings as a project manager and designer, I recog- nized a need for management support that provides a multi- faceted approach to interior projects, including real estate operations and design exper- tise, in addition to construction acumen. DJS offers this full scope of project management know-how, which is required by commercial and non-profit clients,” said Silberstein, DJS founder and principal. 

we are given once a year to “check out” for a while, be with fam- ily and catch up on mis- cellaneous to dos. It’s also the

Lisa Cassidy

last week of the year. As a result, we often spend at least some of our free time reflect- ing on the past 12 months and thinking about changes we

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