Annual Report 2019



APEGA is a national leader in the development and continuous improvement of the National Professional Practice Examination (NPPE), which is used by most of the engineering and geoscience regulators in Canada. APEGA delivers about 7,000 exams per year. These psychometrically defensible exams* ensure applicants for licensure are adequately knowledgeable about professional practice, regulations, law, and ethics. Passing the exam is a requirement for professional licensure in Canada. Several enhancements to the NPPE program occurred in 2019.

We held multiple online and face-to- face collaboration and training opportunities for the licensed

We negotiated a new contract, effective in 2020, with our NPPE administration vendor to enhance service and expand testing locations. Preferential pricing terms were also secured, which enabled APEGA to significantly reduce fees for international applicants taking the NPPE outside of Canada.

professionals who volunteer to write

After discussions with the other Canadian engineering and geoscience regulators, another jurisdiction will likely join the program in 2020. This will significantly grow the national scope of the NPPE program.

the questions. These events help ensure the NPPE program is valid, reliable, and fair for all applicants.

Psychometrics is the science of designing, planning, and implementing defensible exams. If an exam program follows psychometric best practices, the program will be fair, valid, and reliable. *

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