Annual Report 2019


Diversity & Inclusion

APEGA encourages a business culture of belonging, inclusion, and diversity for equity within the engineering and geoscience professions. As part of that, we aim to increase the representation of women in the engineering and geoscience professions to 30 per cent by 2030. In 2018, the Department of Women and Gender Equality awarded APEGAwith a three- year, $350,000 grant to build partnerships

to address systemic barriers facing female engineering and geoscience professionals. Our 2019 work on this project involved consulting with APEGA members of all genders regarding their perceptions, knowledge, and experiences regarding such barriers. This consultation included a survey on workplace culture, which received 2,765 responses, 900 of which were submitted within the first 24 hours!


1,226 females (44%) 1,509 males (55%) 30 self-described (1%)

Our next steps include working with five permit-holding companies to pilot our recommendations for one year, then publishing a workplace-culture guideline as a resource for all companies interested in removing these barriers.

β€œIt felt so good to get some things off our chests, to know that we weren't alone, to feel like we were being heard. It's so exciting to know that something is being done about this.” β€” Anonymous survey respondent


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