Annual Report 2019



Our finance and business planning teams integrated our efforts in 2019 to develop clear alignment between our business plans and our operating budgets. This resulted in a stronger focus on goals supporting APEGA’s strategic plan. To ensure the financial viability of this planning, we developed rolling, three- year financial statements.

Another enhancement supported our members’ desire to move more systems online and reduce paper processes. We introduced an online and mobile-app expense management system, which enabled us to reimburse staff and volunteer expenses faster.


The Information Technology (IT) Department supports all aspects of APEGA business. Work in 2019 augmented the stability, availability, and modernization of key systems, including SharePoint, Teams, automated workflows, and analytics. Investments in enterprise-grade technologies equipped staff to work locally and remotely by seamlessly and securely accessing synchronized information. A focus of IT has been to provide responsive service and business value to members, permit-holding companies, volunteers, and internal business units. Team building through open communication and collaboration, professional development, and certifications—particularly of core technologies—have further aligned IT resources to business applications and delivery of core business.

Continued enhancement of cybersecurity- protection protocols, coupled with internal awareness and sophistication in handling threats (e.g., phishing, malware), positioned APEGA in a proactive stance. In addition, the team developed and tested a security- incident response plan and confirmed disaster recovery and business continuity readiness. Data governance work focused on the integrity, quality, and security of our data, and records management developed a records-retention schedule for physical and electronic information assets. Looking forward, IT intends to leverage data governance and data management work to assess how artificial intelligence and data science may assist regulatory efforts to protect the public.


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