Annual Report 2019


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The year 2019 was a productive one for APEGA and for Council. A strategic planning session was held in early spring, resulting in a robust strategic plan intended to take APEGA well into the next 100 years. We are pleased to see that the first priority is a commitment to regulatory excellence focused on protection of the public. The right for professionals to have self-regulation is important, but APEGA must demonstrate this is done on behalf of the public—not in the interest of the regulated professional. This requires trust that APEGA’s management of this role is pursued from a public and a membership perspective, which is also a priority of the plan. Organizational performance is another priority, and it focuses on activities that will cause APEGA to be seen as a leader in regulating the professions of engineering and geoscience. This includes being engaged in activities that ensure legislative compliance of our members. We believe APEGA senior leaders are putting detailed processes and qualified individuals in place to actively pursue these obligations. They also recognize the significant challenges from the public and from the government on professional regulation. Positive steps have been taken to reduce lengthy process timeframes to meet various regulatory requirements, and we are confident this will continue to improve over time.

We are also encouraged by the number of volunteers currently engaged in providing support and services to APEGA and its membership, particularly through statutory committees, and we support the effort necessary to make changes to ensure this continues to expand into the future. Positive steps towards necessary legislative change also occurred in 2019. Updating the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act is long overdue. We appreciate the persistent efforts of Council and the leadership team to move this forward. Council and the leadership team recognize there are significant changes and challenges in industries affecting the membership, and they recognize the possible impact these will have as APEGA moves forward. As we approach APEGA’s centennial in 2020 to celebrate the contributions made to the province, the professions, and the membership, we look forward to recognizing past successes and focusing on increased public recognition, confidence, and trust as APEGA embarks on another productive 100 years of a century well built. Respectfully submitted,

Mary Phillips-Rickey, FCA, FCPA Georgeann Wilkin, RN, LL.B Public Members


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