Annual Report 2019



I am pleased to submit a few comments about the work of theDisciplineCommittee (DC) during 2019. Once again, I commend the Committee for the capablemanner it contributed to the overall conduct of APEGA in fulfilling its responsibilities as the regulator for the engineering and geoscience professions. The DC is composed of APEGAmembers with representation from professional engineers and professional geoscientists who give their time and expertise on a voluntary basis, as well as a public member. This can be a major time commitment for the APEGA members, as there is the Committee work during the year and individual work to fulfill two mandates of the Committee. Complaints are considered initially by the Investigative Committee (IC). If a complaint is not dismissed, the IC will issue a recommended discipline order, which is overseen by an APEGA member of the DC, or the DC refers the matter to a formal discipline hearing. The panel for such a hearing comprises no fewer than three APEGA members and may include the public member, depending on the nature of the charge. Appeals of the findings of the IC or the hearing panel of the DC are made to the Appeal Board. The entire DC meets four times a year, with sessions held simultaneously in Edmonton and Calgary to accommodate Committee members. Every meeting includes a strong professional development session. Legal counsel for the DC attends and shares pertinent case law—an example

of continuous improvement practices of the Committee. Such is critical to assure the public and APEGA members that the Committee is kept abreast of appropriate practices. This truly upholds the values of the professions and advances the strategic direction of APEGA. Such practices enable the continuous improvement expected of members, and the learnings are embedded in APEGA’s structure through the work of its various boards and committees. Evolving organizational structures have enabled the DC to address cases in a timelier fashion—an example of increased organizational performance because of enhanced practices. The DC embraced the role of the public member without hesitation, and it recognized the full participation of such. It has been my pleasure to be part of such a dedicated and knowledgeable group of individuals: the volunteer APEGA members and the administrative support team. It is an exciting and challenging time for APEGA as it will, in 2020, embark on its second century of serving the public of Alberta. From my experience on this Committee, I feel it is well positioned to continue to meet the emerging needs and expectations going forward. Respectfully submitted,

Muriel Dunnigan, M.Ed. Public Member


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