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Preventing Underage Drinking

MADD’s Power of Parents and Power of Youth Programs provide parents and people who are under 21 with education and tips to empower conversations about not drinking underage. The research-based Power of Parents program was developed in collaboration with Pennsylvania State University’s Robert Turrisi, Ph.D. MADD provides this preventive service to a parent or teen every two minutes. In 2018, MADD provided almost 272,000 handbooks to teens and parents, which includes more than 70,000 who attended workshops held by MADD staff and volunteers. As part of Power of Parents, MADD holds a PowerTalk 21 kickoff each Spring to remind parents and teens during the busiest time of year to beware of activities that may have the increased potential for access to alcohol. In 2018, MADD launched PowerTalk21 at Stub Hub Center before a Los Angeles Galaxy soccer game with an emphasis on role models for teen athletes. MADD’s Power of Youth activation takes place in October. In 2018, activation efforts focused on #ProtectUrSquad. With this campaign, we encouraged teens to encourage their groups of friends to not drink alcohol or consume drugs. Staff and volunteers across the nation spoke at schools, community events, and other community venues, and students were encouraged to take pictures with their “squad” and post on social media with the hashtag “ProtectUrSquad.” Since MADD expanded its mission to include the fight against drugged driving in 2015, we have continued to work closely with NHTSA and law enforcement agencies to educate the public that impairment is impairment, and the best course of action is to never drive while under the influence of any mind-altering drug. MADD supports specialized training for law enforcement officers as Drug Recognition Experts whose training and testimony will hold up in court. MADD also believes high- visibility law enforcement is the best defense against both alcohol- and drug-impaired driving. In 2015, recognizing a growing concern about impairment caused by drugs other than alcohol, MADD added “fight drugged driving to our mission statement. MADD National President Colleen Sheehey-Church testified in July 2018 on Capitol Hill, before the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Digital Commerce and Consumer Protection, about drug-impaired driving and the extremely dangerous mix of alcohol and other drugs, or poly-use. Impairment by drugs other than alcohol cannot yet be determined with the same certainty as alcohol. However, we do know that impairment is impairment and no one should ever drive impaired by any drugs. MADD continued to support specially trained Drug Recognition Experts as well as traditional countermeasures to catch and deter drunk driving, such as sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols. Drug-impaired driving also was an important topic during the Law Enforcement Summit in December, where MADD pledged to support law enforcement however needed to help them fight drug-impaired driving. Fighting Drugged Driving

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