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W hen I was in high school and considering my future career path, I knew one thing: I wanted to help other people. I was active in sports and interested in health, so I was drawn to the health care field. I was fascinated by the intricacies of the human body, how it worked, and how it healed. There was something miraculous about all of it, and those feelings continue to this day. The human body is capable of amazing things. While going through my physical therapy program, and as I started working in the field, I continued to grow in my understanding of, as well as my enthusiasm for, how important PT is for people. I saw how it could heal and change people’s lives for the better. I loved, and still love, every minute of it! It’s such rewarding work to be able to help people feel better and, in many cases, help them return to things they love to do but weren’t able to because of injury and pain. The more I learned about the human body and how it moves, the more I understood how to help people. I began to see patterns emerge in my treatments and, with some good mentorship, I was able to develop a better approach to standard physical therapy. Many health care professionals, physical therapists included, tend to focus on treating the symptoms rather than understanding the cause of the problem.When you treat the symptoms, you may find relief, but the cause often remains, so the pain comes back. As I gained more experience working with patients, I had an important interaction with one patient who was also a health care worker. He noticed that the treatment I was giving him was different from what he had received from other physical therapists, and he encouraged me to teach other PTs what I was doing. It was good feedback that began to shape my future professionally. The more people I worked with, the more I came to see that my approach worked! In time, I opened Mission Physical Therapy with the following goals: 1) to provide better care to patients by using a better approach; 2) to help other PTs learn these effective methods.

I opened Mission Physical Therapy with the following goals: 1) provide better care to patients by using a better approach; 2) help other PTs learn these effective methods

received at different clinics over the years that people like when their physical therapist spends time with them. In the traditional outpatient PT setting, a patient often spends a short amount of time with the physical therapist before being “passed off” to an aide or a tech who then sees the patient through the rest of their treatment. As our current patients can attest, when our patients come in, they get close to a full hour with their therapist — not a tech or aide.

Mission Physical Therapy is comprised of a group of PTs and one licensed PT assistant who all have an established background in the field. Our patients always know they’ll be working with someone with the education and background in the very thing they came to see us for! I would love to keep sharing how our approach is different from other clinics, but that will have to wait for the next newsletter! In the coming months, we’ll jump into a number of topics, including more about our philosophy and approach to care, which we call the Movement Correction Method. For now, we hope you enjoy this new publication and that you are staying safe and healthy!

But it wasn’t just this approach to treatment that people loved, it was also my whole business model. I’d learned from feedback I’d


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