The Experience Magazine - Spring 2018

Bruce Graham (‘81) and his wife, Penny, live in New Hampshire where Bruce is self-employed as a wood, leather, and stone craftsman. He also makes, repairs, and plays stringed instruments. Renee (Schaffhauser) Keller (‘89) is married to Sean, and they have three children: Susi (27), Tony (25), and Nathaniel (7). They also have two grandchildren. Renee works for a Catholic healthcare system in southwestern Indiana. 1990’S Marty Schubert (’94) and his wife, Jennifer, have two children: Noah and Abigail. Marty is a US Army Chaplain at Camp Humphreys near Pyeongtaek City, South Korea. Nellie (Morrison) Levier (’96) has four children: Seth (17), Sarah (17), Autumn (15) and Nicolas (12). She works for the Parks & Rec Department in Gray, Maine in their Before & After Care Program and as a Summer Camp Director. Rebecca (Weeks) Munse (’99 & ’00) is married to Brian and is a stay-at-home mom to their two children: Jacob (4) and Katelynn (2). Heather (Sheets) Rosenbrook (’97 & ’98) works as a Broadcast Captioner/ Closed Captioner in Michigan. Nathan & Amy (Good) (’94) Carman live in Tennessee and have four children: Abigail (17), Joey (14), Jake (11), and Isaac (9). Jamie Regling (’96) is working as a CNA in North Carolina. Fred Knowlton Jr. (’90) and his wife, Christy, have three children: Victoria (24), Jael (17), and Sophia (10). They also have two grandchildren. Fred is a stay- at-home dad and a Regional Consultant for Ambit Energy. Laura (Bruno) Fiss (’97) lives in Orlando, Florida where she works for Hilton Hotel & Resorts as a chef in one of their restaurants. Heather (Nichols) Pickett (’90) and her husband, Matthew, live in Tacoma, Washington where Heather is an Assistant Manager at a Yankee Candle store. They have three children: Michael (16), Erickson (16), and Zane (11). Doug (’93) & Patricia (Navin) Miller (’93 & ’94) live in White Plains, Maryland where Patricia is a stay-at-home homeschooling mom and plays the piano at church. Sarah (Risdon) Sheets (’98) and her husband, Raymond, have a son, Wesley (7). Sarah is a stay-at-home homeschooling mommy with a small cleaning job on the side. Mandy (Wiernusz) Davis (’99) and her husband, Dan, live in Pennsylvania. They have five children: Faith (12), Cherith (9), James (7), Jack (5), and Joseph (2). She is a work-at-home homeschooling mom. Esther (Ruscillo) Case (’97 & ’98) and her husband, Ricky, have two children: Desirae (7) and DiMaggio (3). Esther is a stay-at-home mom and Worship Leader at Calvary Chapel Chattanooga. Karen Andrews (‘90 & ’92) lives in Georgia. She is currently unemployed after being laid off a year ago from a company she had been with for 21 years. She is a toddler Sunday School teacher and nursery worker at church. Lori (Byrnes) Holbert (’98) and her husband, Bobby, have two children: Levi (10) and Ivy (8). Lori is over the K-5th grade children’s ministry at her church. Jamie Volosin (’92 & ’94) lives in Lynchburg, VA where she is a Junior Mortgage Officer. Michael Aiguier (’92) and his wife, Jennifer, have one son, Joseph (2). Michael works to find employment for those with developmental disabilities. Sandy (Eldeen) McKee (’95) is married to Terry, and they have six children: Summer, Bethany, Laura, Rebekah, Ian, and Seth. She is a homemaker.

1980’S Eunice (Doxstader) Hight (‘81) is a part-time RN and a full-time homeschooling mom. She has six children: Sarah (’11), Daniel (’12), David, Joseph, MaryRose, and RuthAnn. Karen (Fry) Singer (‘80) is married to Brian, and they have two adult sons: Cam and Kyle (’06 & ’07), and seven grandchildren. Karen has worked for the Hempfield School District for 26 years. Currently she works in the Administration Office of the Food Service Department. Laurie(McKim)Smith(‘83&‘84) ismarried toRonald, and they have threechildren: Joanna (20), Ian (19), and Heather (15). Laurie works as a seasonal cashier at a greenhouse, and is a junior church teacher and a lunch lady at their Christian school. Joyce (Sparks) Hayes (‘85) and her husband, Robert, live in New Jersey where Joyce is an Artist in Residence at America’s Keswick and is the Women’s Event Coordinator as well as a part-time music teacher. Kimbra (Huffman) Hunter (‘86) and her husband live near Austin, Texas where Kimbra works in the print industry. Stefani (Brewer) King (‘88) is married to Daryl. She has two children, Eathan Cameron (24) and Nathaniel King (8). She is a public school elementary teacher. Shawn & Janeen (Kauffman) Rafferty (‘84) are living in Ontario. They have five grown children: Christine, Sharon, Jason, Chela, and Jenna and three grandchildren. Tim & Darlene (Harnig) Brotzman (‘87) live in Macedon, New York. They are the parents of three boys: Timothy (’10) (27), David (20), and Joseph (’18) (18) {currently enrolled}. Tim works as a Senior IT Director. With God’s strength, Darlene faces lupus and Addison’s disease daily. Donna (Snyder) Morris (‘84) and her husband, Dan, have four adult children: Daniel, Raymond, Adessa, and Mitchell. Donna teaches high school English and Spanish in a Christian School in Ohio. Trena (Mullins) Wilbur (‘87) lives in New Brunswick, Canada where she is working on her Master’s in Biblical Counseling. She has three sons: Trent (20), Clay (16), and Coleton (16). Amie (De Goat) Cavallaro (‘87 & ‘88) is married to Steven, and they have four children: Jadon (12), Eli (11), Micah (10), and Asher (7). She is a pastor’s wife, homeschooling mom, and teaches exercise classes at the YMCA part time. Vinnie Tumia (‘87 & ‘88) is the Executive Pastor at First Bible Baptist Church in Hilton, New York. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Kelly, and they love life together. In his words, he has three awesome daughters, two sons- in-law, and a really cool grandson. Robin Joye (Strope) Coules (‘80) and her husband, John, are missionaries in France serving at the International Chapel of Montpellier. They have three adult children: JD, Tiara, and Ariana. Dale Miller (‘89) is married to Nancy, and they have one child, FaithAnne (14). He works in Managed Senior Care in Michigan. Bob & Kelly (Murray) Treisch (‘80) have two adult children: Nathan and Alyssa. Bob is a roofing foreman, and Kelly is the Director of Nursing at a memory care facility. Ruthie (Ashcroft) Pearson (‘86) is married to Royden, and they have two children: Samantha and Royden IV. Ruthie is a stay-at-home mom and homemaker. She is also the church pianist and choir director. Patricia (Moores) Cliff (‘87 & ‘89) is married to Michael and they have four adult children: Abigail Leick, William, Aaron (’16 & ’17), and Lee (’17). She is a nurse at International Christian School in Hong Kong. Her family spends the summers in Maine. She is also a volunteer summer nurse at Living Waters Bible Camp. Celia (Galev) Horter (‘89) and her husband, Steven, live in New Hampshire and have two sons: Alexander (15) and Jorge (14).


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