The Experience Magazine - Spring 2018

In the Adirondacks, with winter comes many, snow and, of course, Snowcamp.

More important than all the fun and activities, many campers were introduced to their Savior for the first time ever. In fact, hundreds have accepted Jesus as the punishment for their sin and chose to believe! Trinity said, “I made the decision this weekend to believe in Jesus. He sacrificed Himself for all of us, and now I know that I can be forgiven for what I’ve done wrong in my life. Jesus is my hero. Now I know that I can pray to Him, and He will always be listening to me.” And Jason said, “Before I came to Camp, I was not a believer in Christ. This weekend, I got the chance to learn about who Jesus is and how He really cares for all of us. Through my time at Snowcamp, I came to the point of accepting Christ as my Savior.” One leader shared there was a student in their group who was struggling financially and didn’t have enough money to come to Snowcamp. The camper had received one of the 100+ scholarships that were handed out by Word of Life but still needed help with the remainder of the balance. The church and youth leaders pitched in to provide the rest of the funds. Out of their whole group, that was the one camper who received Christ that weekend. Thank you for praying!

sewall tommy (‘09)

We celebrate again this season as God used the students at the Bible Institute to forever change the lives of thousands of teenagers. They were fulfilling their responsibility to reach their generation with the Good News of Jesus Christ over the course of the cold, snowy winter. This year the theme was Log Out, a fun lumberjack theme that allowed us to talk to the campers about the importance of logging out of this ever-increasing digital world and logging into God’s Word. This year we had a new “activity challenge” where campers went around the camp searching for particular activities like the tube hill and ice chute. Upon completion of the activity, a hole was punched on their activity card. Once a student got five out of the six holes punched, they could redeem the card for a Snowcamp t-shirt. In addition to that new challenge, on Saturday night campers were able to attend an unbelievable illusion and mentalism show put on by Ashton Blackwell.

New York Teen Camp Director

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