Oshino LEDs for signs October 2021 brochure


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Super Orbis LED module SOL series Gen 4

L/90 at 60K hrs: 60,000 hours to 90% of initial light output backed by a 5 - year warranty means dependable, high quality LED lighting modules for the sign maker

Description Super Orbis LED Gen 4 is our fourth and latest gen- eration of our successful flexible chain LED lighting system designed specifically for back lighting large scale flex - faced sign boxes. And it’s our brightest (up to 313lms), most efficient (up to 176lm/W) module ever and now with a superior light distribution thanks to its new optical grade, acrylic lens. Each module features a state of the art Soul semiconductor Y19 LED behind a light controlling lens and above a faceted, parabolic - type reflector system which together distribute light in a super wide shaped beam ideal for flex - faced and acrylic faced sign boxes. Use from only four modules and 8.2 Watts per 1 sq. metre and just one 95% efficient LED driver for up to 33 sq. metres of sign.

The brightest, most efficient LED module of its type: Super Orbis LED Gen 4

Wide module spacing

Compliance Meets safety requirements for fire resistance. Module is cast from Lexan*925 AU resin which is non - chlorinated, non - brominated flame retardant polycarbonate with UL - V0 rating and is UV stabilised. Lens is moulded from hard burning, self - extinguishing acrylic and has a fire rating UL94 HB. Cable is 22AWG tinned copper 7/0.254 with silicon rubber sheath which is low - smoke and zero halogen (LSZH) rated UL3239.

Features ·

Super wide beam angle

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Soul semiconductor Y19

High brightness (313 lumens @ 700mA, 6500K)

High efficacy (2.03W typ. up to 154lm/W)

Dust and water resistant (IP67)

Self - adhesive backing

Fire - rated & suitable for Airport and LUL sect. 12

Meets the requirements of EN 62031 - LED module ‘in built LED module’. Risk group EN 62471: exempt.

Availability: packs 20pcs



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