Oshino LEDs for signs October 2021 brochure


Design Guide

Cartier White LED backlighting for face illumination of shallow letters 4 metres Oshino - FlexiLED - 3D Outdoor Gen2 pure white LED 12V 34.6 LED Watts 1pce Power Supply: Oshino - PSU60/12/IP68/R LED driver 12V Provide 3A fused protection to all parts of the sign by combining the powering of LED strip lengths together up to 25W / 2A each

Circuit protection We recommend fusible links be provided to protect the sign from failures resulting in overload caused by short - circuit.

Examples of fusible links (into the pos +ve line)

Blade auto type with 3A fuse

Cartridge type with 20mm 3A fuse

PCB type micro fuse solder - on

Keep tails short and install fuse holders adjacent to FlexiLED


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