Oshino LEDs for signs October 2021 brochure


short form data FlexiLED - BA Premium FlexiLED series

L/70 at 22K hrs: 22,000 hours to 70% of initial light output backed by a 5 - year warranty means dependable, high quality LED lighting modules for the sign maker

Description FlexiLED - BA Premium is our highest grade of flexible, ribbon like, LED lighting system with outstanding brightness, remarkable efficiency, exceptional service life for its type all supported by a long, limited warranty period. Featuring an all - new, modern design ideal for lighting sign boxes and many other lighting applications. This weatherproof FlexiLED is suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Supplied on a plastic reel dispenser and can be cut at marked intervals

FlexiLED - BA Premium can be cut into shorter segments at points marked at 125mm intervals. Each segment includes 8pcs LEDs. Cut lengths should be resealed using an adhesive silicon resin (RTV). The maximum single series length that can be pow- ered is one reel of 5 metres. Additional lengths can be connected in parallel. A low - profile silicone spray coating protects the componentry from moisture and is suitable for wet or normally damp conditions but is unsuitable immersion or submersion. The ribbon has a peel off and self - adhesive 3M backing for fast and easy fixing to most de - greased surfaces.

One pack of FlexiLED – BA Premium consists of 320pcs LEDs in a 5 metre long ribbon supplied on a plastic reel dispenser in an anti - static foil bag.

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Beam angle 115 o

2835 top view SMD LED (64pcs per metre)

High brightness and efficiency (up to 162 lumens per Watt)

Cutting interval (125mm / 8pcs LEDs)

For outdoor and indoor use (IP65)

Easy solder and oxidisation resistant silver tin - plated solder pads

Safe, low power operation (24VDC) 5 years or 22,000 hours warranty*

64pcs LEDs per 1 metre





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