Oshino LEDs for signs October 2021 brochure


Using with FlexiLED - 0BA tunable - white

On Controller

2pcs BLACK are pos +ve wires and 1pce connects to RED of 1pce reel FlexiLED (there are TWO BLACK pos +ve wires for connecting one each to 1pce reel FlexiLED) 1pce WHITE is neg – ve and connects to WHITE of 1 or 2pcs (max) reels FlexiLED and controls the white LEDs 1pce YELLOW is neg — ve and connects to YELLOW of 1 or 2pcs (max) reels FlexiLED and controls the warm - white LEDs

On FlexiLED Red = pos +ve White = white LED neg – ve Yellow = warm - white LED neg – ve

1pce controller with remote handset plus 200W 24V DC LED driver will operate up to 2pcs reels FlexiLED - 0BA tunable - white (5metres each and in parallel) Use the 4pcs wire nuts supplied with each controller to connect the FlexiLED to the controller

LED controller

Output (W) max

Load (A) max

Input (V DC)



Warranty (years)


R05 2CH dual - colour tunable - white inline dimmer with remote handset

Short - circuit protection Over - current protection Over - temperature protection Auto recover from fault Connection via flying leads Max range 10metres line - of - sight Handset uses 1pce CR2025 coin battery, supplied






R05 is a 2 - channel dual - colour RF LED 24V 6A max remote handset and inline dimmer / controller

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