King's Business - 1948-11

Clear outlines and summaries —furnish a wealth o f his­ torical data, explanations, and co-ordination o f the fas­ cinating epics o f Bible history and prophecy. The index is most complete. There are 7313 notes. Full-color maps— 10 newly drawn, detailed maps o f the areas and locales where Biblical history unfolded. Vivid introductions —to each Testament, section and Book. Prepare the student with absorbing facts about the writers, the times, the people, and the Divine inspiration in the following text. Self-pronouncing —the simplest system o f “ long and short” letters and word syllables—o f great value when reading the Bible aloud. —and purposely low-priced—since we believe that this unique Bible is destined to be standard among generations o f eager Bible students, we have given it large, readable type, fine paper, a durable cloth binding . . . so that its price can be within the reach o f all. Be sure to see this new edition as soon as possible. $/f50 at your bookstore —

Completely new!—The consecrated work of 37 Christian leaders, including Drs. Archer E. Anderson, Lewis Sperry Chafer, Frank E. Gaebelein, Philip E. Howard J r., Harry A. Ironside, Allan A. MacRae, and Clarence E. Mason, working for ten years with Dr. E. Schuyler English, Scofield Reference Bible consultant . . . to make this Bible an indispensable, vital beacon in the lives o f today’s young Christians. The beautiful King James text is intact, unaltered. But the annotation system is a long forward step . . . in simplicity, thoroughness, interest and clarity. Each page contains all o f the simply worded material and references needed to clarify any possible obscurity its text might engender in student minds. The doctrine and theology are conservative throughout. Connected to today’s world— the studentjs led constantly to associate the great Bible truths with his own daily life . . . to compare and apply them to his own thoughts and activities.

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Paqe Seventeen

N O V E M B E R , 1948

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