King's Business - 1948-11

Post reporting the earnest views o f a young theology student who straight­ forwardly spoke his reasons for entering the ministry. We quote the statement of student Findley: “ Our religion is an unembellished Bib­ lical Christianity. To us (veterans) a Christianity diluted to any palatable strength, served up with any chosen sauces, as if it were ice cream at a soda fountain, is at best morality and ethics. It isn’t the Christian religion. “ We accept Christ as the Divine Son o f God. Therefore, we accept Him as having the powers of God. We believe above all that we must realize and ac­ knowledge our sinfulness before God- and, through Christ’s atonement for our sins as our Saviour, be forgiven and go on afresh. And we believe deeply in the indestructibility o f the human soul and a life beyond the one we now are living. We believe in the validity and practi­ cality of Christ’s teachings, and w.e know that a constant effort to stand loyally by them is the only hope o f put­ ting our world in order.” Again this year between Thanksgiv­ ing and Christmas, the American Bible Society is sponsoring an invitation to the world to read some of the choice portions o f the Bible. Free bookmarks are available from denominational head­ quarters which list Bible selections centering around the reading theme, “ The Book of all Nations.” The pro­ gram is being conducted in 34 foreign countries as- well as in the various branches of the armed forces. , There is no doubt but that this mat­ ter of reading the.Word of God is both the most potent means of convicting men of sin, and also the most powerful force to edify the saints in the Christian life. God has guaranteed to bless only one book and that Book is the Bible. Anything that can be done to promote its wide distribution and wider useful­ ness will most certainly receive the in­ comparable favor of God’s blessing. Not Necessarily More than a year ago, quite a stir was made over a Federal Communica­ tions Commission ruling which appar­ ently advised broadcasters they must accept atheistic as well as theistic pro­ paganda. This was warmly contested by Don Petty, counsel for the National As­ sociation o f Broadcasters, who warned that the Government is telling the broadcaster what he must put on the air, which is a violation of the First Amend­ ment. Now further clarification from the FCC advises stations that they need not feel under any obligation to accept or air athéistic doctrine. Just where this places the mind of the average manager o f a radio station is hard to determine. However, this much seems clear, that there are very few atheists with a yen to broadcast their senseless unbeliefs. T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S Fifth Annual World-Wide Bible Reading

Church, was represented. Some have said that this was the greatest church meeting since the Reformation, and quite naturally, everyone' has been ask­ ing “ What was accomplished?” It is far too soon to give any kind of a complete evaluation, but most re­ ports are disappointing. It may be that everyone expected too much, but at least it is true that a meeting was held and that an informal world organization was formed. The Council will have headquar­ ters in Geneva, meeting in plenary ses­ sion every five years. Between sessions, business will be conducted by a ninety- member central committee and a smaller executive committee. There are to be six co-presidents, including the American Bishop Oxnam of the Methodist Church. What else was accomplished, and more than that, what was accomplished spiritually? News magazines report that the talk at Amsterdam was on the com­ paratively low level o f diplomacy; what was heard sounded very much like a United Nations’ session. Of disagree­ ments there were many. Of evidences of another Pentecost there were none. Does such a monumental meeting have any prophetic meaning? Is there" any significance whatsoever between this be­ ginning and the world church predicted of tribulation days? Let Bible students ponder this question. Well Stated! Most conservative, Bible-taught read­ ers have long since given up any hope o f finding the simple fundamental posi­ tions of Christianity clearly stated in the public press. All that has appeared which has come to our attention is a watered-down version of Christian ethics or ideals. Editors of newspapers and magazines seem only to accept the pret­ ty-pretty social service views o f liberals with emphasis only on good citizenship or character building. Noticeably absent is any virile statement o f the truths un­ derlying the great doctrines of our faith, any declaration of the desperate lost condition of mankind and the an­ swer to this is the sacrificial substitu­ tionary death of the Lord Jesus Christ. Absent too is any delineation o f that miraculous heavenly metamorphosis of genuine regeneration. It was refreshing therefore to find the editors of the Saturday Evening

“ Neither Were Thankful ” In that tremendous indictment of the entire human race, given in the first chapter o f the Epistle to the Romans, one of the complaints' of God against man was that they were not thankful. Because of this sin and others, God solemnly announced His decision to abandon such ungrateful creatures, leav­ ing them to the consequences of their own wickedness. There is no doubt that for ten bounti­ ful years' America has enjoyed God’s favor. Harvests have been exceeding all records; bumper crops have been the rule; catastrophies have been noticeably absent; the weather has been mild and moisture abundant. Reports from the Department of Agriculture point to the present year as the greatest in Amer­ ica’s agricultural history, and now at the harvest season we come once more to a day set apart for national thanks­ giving. But will this day be merely a day of feasting and football? Will America’s sons and daughters gratify their own appetites for food and pleasure to the point o f completely ignoring the Giver o f all good gifts? Will the voice of praise and thanksgiving be silent in the majority o f American homes this year? God forbid! It is an astounding fact, but never­ theless true, that God, who is both Creator and Sustainer of all things, looks for gratitude from us, the objects of His creation. Having bestowed upon mankind the priceless benefits of health and harvest, God watches closely to see if there will be a consequent apprecia­ tion. If such appreciation is not forth­ coming, there will be most certain pun­ ishment brought to bear upon this na­ tion-, great as it is. Let us take heed and, from President to peoplg, let there be put forth sincere notes of praise to the God that has made America great. By now the Christian world has heard reports concerning the historic gather­ ing recently held in Amsterdam, Hol­ land. No less than 147 churches from 44 countries gathered for prayer and planning. Every major branch of Chris­ tianity, with the exception. o f Roman Catholic and the Russian Orthodox Page Four Accomplishments at Amsterdam?

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