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International Council Too Jt While the projected World Council o f Churches sponsored in America by the Federal Council was meeting in Amsterdam, another group called the International Council sponsored by the American Council of Christian Churches was meeting at the same time in Am­ sterdam’s historic “ Kloosterkerk.” This is the church where the pilgrims wor­ shiped prior to their coming to America. Sixty-four denominations and mission­ ary and church organizations partici­ pated in this second meeting. The stated purpose o f the International Council was to preserve the evangelical Protes­ tant faith, to aid Europe’s spiritual re­ covery, to lend assistance to world mis­ sions, and to promote genuine world peace. "G od " Was Permitted <£ Now the story can be told how nearly the name o f God came to being omitted in the recent Jewish Declaration of In­ dependence. There was a real struggle between religious and secular Zionists for controlling influence in the new state. The secular élément very strongly opposed the inclusion of any mention of a religious faith, and, as a compro­ mise measure, it was agreed to refer to God as the “ Rock of Israel.” However, when it came to translat­ ing this into English, it was feared that the world would not understand who was mentioned, and upon the advice of a typist, the phrase “ Almighty God” was substituted instead. This surprises Bible-believing Chris­ tians not at all. Prophecy seems clearly to indicate that the return of the Jewish people and the re-establishment of the Jewish nation are to be in complete un­ belief. "I Will Return!" & Jacob DeShazer was one of the bom­ bardiers of Jimmie Doolittle’s raiders who carried out that first daring raid on Tokyo in April of 1942. Following that, he was one of four who spent forty unspeakable months in Japanese prison camps. Now, after graduating last June from Seattle Pacific College, Mr. De­ Shazer, with his wife whom he married in 1946, will return to Japan where they hope to spend the rest of their lives as missionaries to the Japanese. DeShazer returns to Japan this time not with bombs, but with a Bible, not with hatred of the enemy, but with the love o f God burning in his heart for the salvation o f the lost. The prospects for evangelism in Japan constitute one of #the bright spots in a dark world. Japan, perhaps more than any other nation, is earnestly groping for a new faith. No Hebrew Race Recently in Seattle, Washington, a Superior Court judge ruled that there was no Hebrew race today. The decision was made in a will case, where the pro­ visions barred beneficiaries from shar­ ing if they married persons outside the Hebrew race. The Court ruled that since

William W. Orr, D.D.

ence is the over-population of the world. It is clear that mankind cannot go on multiplying and eating up the planet on which he lives. This is a real prob­ lem, according to Fairfield Osborne, President o f the New York Zoological Society, who points out that within only three centuries the population has in­ creased five times and is now increasing at a net rate that will double the popu­ lation in another seventy years. The greatest danger is seen to be the Orient where relatively inexpensive health services have greatly reduced deaths. Be this as it may, there is a definite sign in this problem pointing to the im- minency of the Lord’s return. The earth is God’s planet we are sure, and His watchful eye overshadows it. Many Bible students believe this to be a defi­ nite token of the nearness of the con­ summation of this age. College Facts «Jt With an estimated 32,000,000 stu­ dents in school this fall, colleges are again filled to capacity. Yet, in a recent survey o f 655 Liberal Arts Colleges in the United States, more than half of the students will drop out before grad­ uation. Part of the blame, according to Archibald Macintosh, Vice President of Haverford College, should go to the stu­ dent who enters college merely through pious sentiment. Most of the blame, however, should rest upon the colleges themselves who grind out students with little or no personal attention to the kind of character they are producing. In this connection, it has been noted that the 50th Anniversary Edition of “ Who’s Who” reveals that those who at­ tend a small college have a four-to-one better chance of being catalogued in this famous publication, than those who at­ tend a college with more than 1,000 en­ rollment. Christ chose only twelve dis­ ciples ! ’ Certainly here is the perfect illustra­ tion that quality not quantity is what really counts.

the fall of Jerusalem there has been no distinct Jewish nationality. Perhaps what was meant by the jurist was that there has been no Hebrew na­ tion since the fall of Jerusalem, but the perpetuation of the Jewish race has been one of the most easily proven facts and is in God’s great plan (Jer. 31:35- 37). Valuable During the recent Golden Bible An­ niversary in New York City, there was on display at the Grand Central Palace, a copy o f the Gutenberg Bible belonging to the New York Public Library. An es­ pecially built steel cabinet with shatter­ proof glass contained the precious vol­ ume, and while on display the Bible lay on blue velvet with a brilliant beam of light playing on it. To insure its safety, an insurance policy of half-a-million dollars was carried, with an armored car and special detectives to guard it. This Bible was printed in Germany in 1440 and was purchased 100 years ago for $2,600.00. However, one may go to the ten cent store and buy a Bible for 39c which will contain the same wonderful words of life and which will be as mighty to save as the $500,000.00 Gutenberg on blue velvet. FMF From December 27-31, on the campus of the University o f Illinois, another student foreign missions fellowship, sponsored by the Inter-Varsity Chris­ tian Fellowship, will be held. Many will remember the thrill and blessing o f the last meeting at Toronto, and much prayer is being made and more prayer being requested for a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the proposed meeting. More than fifty mis­ sionaries, representing all types o f gos­ pel enterprise, and a thousand earnest

students will be present. Standing Room Only!

«5* One o f the worries of the American Association for the Advancement of Sci­

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