BSM Vault Digital Playbook for Realtors

What We Do We are a full-service marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses to capture and convert new customers online. We use advanced digital techniques to help clients in niche verticals to drive more consistent sales and realize unprecedented growth.

Our Story

Hi! I’m Alex Caragiannides, founder of BSM Vault.

I started this business in 2017 with the goal of helping entrepreneurs and sales leaders in the mortgage and real estate sector to grow their practices using smart digital marketing strategies.

I have almost a quarter century of experience in mortgage lending, sales and marketing, and I use that experience to serve my clients everyday.

It’s that special sector focus, combined with a will to succeed and a passion for customer experience that’s driven BSM Vault to where it is today.

We are now a team of dedicated marketing experts managing over $100,000+ a month in ad spend for clients across the United States and Canada.

Core to our philosophy is the belief that effective marketing can transform businesses.

No matter where you are in your growth cycle, BSM Vault will work with you to turn marketing from a cost center into an asset and help propel your business to new heights.

About Alex From the Greek community in Chicago where he grew up, to rising through the ranks of the mortgage industry, to founding a full-scale marketing agency that helps businesses live their dreams, Alex knows that you can’t do it alone. When you build a company from scratch, it’s your baby. You need grit and determination, sure, but you also need a strategy, and you must stick to that strategy with pig-headed discipline and apply it step-by-step. A humble student to his mentors and coaches, Alex’s core belief is: “when somebody teaches you something, the speed of implementation is the number one determining factor of your success—or your failure.” He carries this through to his work and his life, looking to help others achieve all they can both personally and professionally.

Who This Is For We focus on the Real Estate sector, enabling us to serve our clients with niche industry expertise. We work with three types of businesses in Real Estate in particular: Realtors, Loan Officers and Insurance Agents.

Our Clients

Testimonials “I would highly recommend BSM Vault over all other social media marketing companies out there!” Marie Schultz

“They have a proven track record of success and are fully informed of trends in the digital marketing industry.” Jeff Coral

“Very passionate about making agents successful. Highly recommend.” Bryan Auer

“BSM has helped out my mortgage business tremendously. I would highly recommend Alex C and his team.” Alex Barnett

“I highly recommend them to anyone; you will absolutely benefit from having them on your team.” Chantelle Ottoborgo

“Super knowledgeable, effective marketing strategy, and pleasant to work with.” Scott Rodgers

We get it. You want more exposure for your business and a steady supply of new clients. But digital marketing is complex, right? And in any case, you’re just too busy running the business to think about running successful digital media ads. Your Problem

Our Solution Let us take control. Using tried-and- tested systems and techniques, we’ll work with your business to build a digital marketing funnel that’s tailor-made for delivering quality leads to your sales team. There’s a right way and a wrong way to go about this, and with BSM Vault, you’re in safe hands.

How We Work

We use a unique 5-phase methodology to capture, deliver and convert leads.

It’s a comprehensive, end-to-end service model where we do it all, so our clients can focus on what they do best: Selling!

5 Phases






Building solid foundations for your campaigns with customer persona analyses, message development and sales funnel design.

1. Strategy

2. Content

Creating text, audio and visual assets that function as the lead magnets for distribution campaigns.

Running inbound, direct response and relationship marketing campaigns across a range of digital channels.

3. Amplify

We don’t believe in simply posting and hoping for the best. This phase incorporates a variety of retargeting techniques to nurture incoming or stagnant leads over the longer term.

4. Nurture

Designing frameworks to help you scale your marketing efforts as your company grows.

5. Growth

Driven By Performance



We always tailor our campaigns to meet specific goals and targets. Goal-Oriented

We conduct ongoing analyses of your campaigns, providing in- depth reporting on demand.

We finetune campaigns to ensure every advertising dollar and organic action goes farther.

Our Services From strategy to implementation, our team at BSM Vault does everything to optimize your paid advertising and conversion funnels.

Social Brand Awareness

A social media posting, and engagement plan tailored specifically to your business objectives.

Lead Generation

We promote your content across digital channels and social media platforms to target customers with specific interest and behaviors in distinct geographies.


We use retargeting techniques to re-engage unconverted leads across the web.


We build integrations to deliver pre-qualified leads to your your CRM or sales pipeline.


Increase your lead response rate by 3x and close more deals. Follow Up Campaigns Connect with your leads immediately with automated voicemails, text messages and emails.

Zipper Agent

Customizable IDX, Website and CRM system built specially for Realtors.

The Perfect Balance Between Power and Simplicity.

Training & Workshops

In addition to our core digital marketing and social media services, we also offer weekly coaching and consulting webinars with content curated specifically for loan officers and real estate agents. We can also host deeper dive, in-person workshops for you and your team to attack the challenges keeping you up at night head on.

In less than 12 months, the BSM Vault team helped RCG Mortgage realize a 20x return on their marketing spend. Case Study

Andrew Russell, President | RCG Mortgage

“Alex was the most important business introduction I ever had in my mortgage career.”

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