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This year’s comprehensive guide contains every ‘element’ to make a truly unforgettable bucket list experience for your customers. As well as added value, with each and every tour packed with inclusions, this year we’re showcasing a host of new expertly chosen products from around the world which have earth, wind, fire and water at the core of their uniqueness. Learn about the different touring types we have on offer and join us yet again as we take you on your own exciting adventure with our Little Book of Incredible Journeys. E S C O R T E D T O U R I N G This is a superb way to meet like-minded people safe in the knowledge that you are escorted every step of the way by a fully trained and knowledgeable guide; all you have to worry about is charging your camera. S M A L L G R O U P T O U R I N G A more intimate form of escorted touring, capping the group size often means you will get access to areas of attractions which you simply wouldn’t get elsewhere. I N D E P E N D E N T T O U R I N G For the more adventurous traveller who desires more flexibility over their itinerary, our dedicated tours team will use all their experience and knowledge, coupled with our close supplier relationships, to tailor-make a trip to meet specific requirements. B Y R A I L , R O A D O R B O A T The great railway journeys of the world will allow your customers to relax and enjoy the wildlife and breathtaking scenery of the country they are travelling through, our self drive itineraries will allow them to discover places in continents that few have visited or they can take a cruise and get a unique perspective of the world’s great waterways in style. B E W A R M E D B Y H E A T , R E F R E S H E D B Y W A T E R , A W O K E N B Y A I R O R E X H I L A R A T E D B Y E A R T H 2

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