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Exclusively handling serious and catastrophic personal injury claims as well as wrongful death claims due to the negligence of individuals or business entities.

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January 2019


A NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION WE CAN KEEP Positive Lessons From Negative Experiences

occurred. The success we had in serving our clients actually resulted in more success for the firm and tremendously more fulfillment as well! Since a few years after the firm’s inception, we’ve handled about the same number of personal injury clients annually. The only difference now is that our team has doubled in number. Instead of having 10–12 team members helping our clients, we now have 24 team members to assist with our clients’ needs. We are on the hunt for another attorney as we speak, because we realized at the end of 2018 that we needed even more help to provide an even better experience with even better results for our clients. lose that decades old spare tire sitting snugly around my waist — what I, as the owner of Russell & Lazarus, and we, as a law firm of 24 strong warriors for justice, resolve to do in 2019 is to ratchet up our service even more for the benefit of our clients. In that regard, I want to hear from any client who is not receiving the service he or she deserves so we can not only rectify Now circling back to our firm’s New Year’s resolution — and yes, I would love to finally

then saying, “Nice talking to you!” There was no connection, no real determination to do what was best for the client, and no serving the clients in any real way. After opening up the Law Offices of Christopher E. Russell (changed to Russell & Lazarus when Marc jumped in a bit later), I slowly began to appreciate the need for something more than just “burn and churn,” despite the success we initially had. I knew there had to be a better way that was more fulfilling and provided a better experience for our clients. That slowly evolving, newfound thinking involved the belief that service to our clients had to be the top priority. Our fantastic marketing director, Lynne Powers, called it “concierge service.” When we changed our mission statement to “service above all else” for our clients in terms of handling their personal injury claims, something amazing yet unexpected “When we changed our mission statement to ‘service above all else’ for our clients in terms of handling their personal injury claims, something amazing yet unexpected occurred.”

Many of us are focused on New Year’s resolutions around this time of year, whether it is finally losing that spare tire around the old gut that has been your best friend for decades or doing something with your career other than wishing you could tell your boss to “take this job and …” well, you know the rest. Some of those resolutions stick, but many don’t because we humans are a funny lot as we don’t really like change. Our firm is no different in resolving to do better in 2019 as we start out this new year. However, our resolution is not really a big change but rather a further commitment to something we have focused on over the last decade. However, before I go further, a little context would be helpful. Our firm started off small back in 1998 with just me and our wonderful paralegal of 25- plus years, Teri Penniston. But the first law firm I ever worked for as an attorney (along with Teri) from 1984 to 1998 didn’t have serving clients as its overriding philosophy. It was a classic, old-thinking law firm, which focused on getting the client in the door, making as much money as it could, and

that immediately, but also stay true to our 2019 New Year’s resolution. Thank you all for letting us serve your needs in 2019 and beyond! Chris Russell

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