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NEW FOODS FOR 2022 WITH A FOCUS ON HEALTH 120% was the increase in LOW& NO ALCOHOL sales in the lead up to Christmas last year, a trend which is continuing to grow. 77% of Millennials see a HEALTHY, BALANCED LIFESTYLE as very or extremely important. 87% of 18-30 year olds believe it is essential to cater

for VEGETARIANS AND VEGANS over Christmas. A leading UK supermarket’s PREMIUM& HEALTH sales increased by +13% during Christmas 2021.





40% of all seasonal sales are made in the 10 days before Christmas.

12% of UK consumers will do their Christmas shopping last minute.

The busiest seasonal shopping day is the Saturday before Christmas.



Early season shoppers spend more than the average customer. 5

90% of shoppers who buy early in the season will repeat purchase - a huge opportunity!

Late season remains a key period, with almost 50% of the market’s sales in the final 4 weeks. New products are key to driving this segment’s performance.

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