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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can sound like a marketing buzzword — chances are you’ve heard it thrown around in business columns and websites. But what this term boils down to is how people find and engage with your online content. In a world where the vast majority of people search for services online before going to a physical location, you need to ensure your practice is seen online ahead of competitors. In the past, having great SEO meant producing vast amounts of web content, all interlinked and jampacked with keywords. But Google and other search engines are always updating their algorithms, and these “hacks” of yesteryear simply won’t cut it anymore. Thankfully, web traffic experts like Neil Patel have found that several truisms will work to give your clinic a strong, engaging presence on the web. Here’s a look at a few best practices that shatter common SEO myths. believing any common search word related to their industry needs to be flagged as a keyword in their content. But the truth is, casting such a wide net can get you the wrong type of traffic. For example, the word “crown” may have numerous hits online, but how many are people searching for dental caps verses, say, the Netflix series starring Claire Foy? It’s often better to go for more narrow terms, like “dental crown” or “kids braces,” that key in on those actually looking for your services. You Need Quality Backlinks “Backlinks” refer to links to your website from other sites. In the past, it was thought that the more backlinks you had, the higher your SEO rating would be. But it’s not enough to get dozens of small, random sites and blogs to reference your content anymore. Instead, you should work with other high-ranking sites in your area to do cross-promotions, linking back to one another. Working with complementary businesses, like pediatric doctors, to cross-reference in your content will help both parties build their rankings. Not All Keywords Have Value Plenty of small business owners make the mistake of

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Say Something With Your Content Gone are the days when releasing near-meaningless blogs stuffed with keywords get you on the first page of Google. Now, search engines know when people quickly back out of a page, and that adverse reaction is taken into account. Getting readers to stick around by providing interesting, informative content is your best bet for long term success. Also, snippets and titles (the text users see on the Google page after a search) have become more important. According to Atrids, 49% of people don’t click the top search result, instead choosing links with titles or snippets that fit what they are looking for. Put People First Ultimately, all these tips boil down to making your website and content user-friendly. You can’t predict how the next gimmick will take advantage of Google’s algorithms, but you can anticipate that Google and its competitors will strive to deliver the most accurate searches possible for their users. By focusing on the content future patients would find interesting and using search terms they would think of, you’ll be in lock step with the world’s tech companies. We’re no stranger to online marketing here at Ortho Technology. If you want more advanced tips in future newsletters, let us know!


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