Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda | May 20, 2022

CONSENT ACTION/REPORT LIST May 20, 2022 CONSENT PERSONNEL ACTIONS Distinguished Service Recognition Name Title



# Years 12+ yrs.

Schactler, Linda

Chief of Staff

President’s Office

June 2, 2022

Faculty Emeritus Status Name




# Years

Beck, Daniel


Biological Sciences

June 16, 2022 June 16, 2022 June 16, 2022 August 1, 2022

27 yrs., 10 mos.

Carbaugh, Robert Professor


37 yrs.

Norrish, Winston Reasons, Chuck

Sr Lecturer Professor

Geological Sciences

14 yrs., 9 mos. 22 yrs., 11 mos.

Law & Justice

Reappointment to Third Probationary Year Name Department Feagin, T. Andre Music Hancock, Brent Mathematics Holter, Olivia Psychology Lee, Eun Young Communication Lee, Yurim Economics Myers III, Gary Sociology Nelson-Ichido, Joshua Communication Oppelt, Sarah Biological Sciences Petrites, Taralynn World Languages Toto, Sara Law & Justice Upretee, Sahadeb Mathematics Reappointment to Fourth Probationary Year Name Department Ahn, Seokhoon Communication Long, Thomas Aviation Reappointment to Fifth Probationary Year Name Department Bain, Paul Music Beckman, Justin Art + Design Belay, Tafere Health Sciences Cahalan, Ryan Accounting Campbell, Benjamin “Steele”

Finance & Supply Chain Management

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