Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda | May 20, 2022

Current Business:

Employee of the Month recognition celebrations have been put on pause while we work determine how we will move forward with the recognition program after the many hurdles we’ve had to overcome due to COVID. We sent out a recognition survey to get employee feedback and are working through those results with Human Resources. • Winners for the academic year include: o July 2021 – Teena Chase, University Housing and New Student Programs o August 2021 – Kelly Bauer, Student Health Services o September 2021 – Mary Rill, Wildcat Shop

o October 2021 – Troy Totten, Building Repair & Maintenance o November 2021 – Shannon Larabee, Univ Centers - Yakima o December 2021 – Louise Smart, Office of the Registrar o January 2022 – Joe Allemand, Building Repair & Maintenance o February 2022 – Carol Diefenbach, Work Center

o March 2022 – Lyle Rushton, Electrical Shop o April 2022 – Jeff Rinehart, Electrical Shop o May 2022 – Missy Davis, Human Resources o June 2022 – Brad Sullivan, Custodial Services

• The work to have the same 5-day bereavement leave for an unrepresented classified staff member as a represented classified staff member has been gone through leadership. New policy has been written by HR and was approved at the last UPAC meeting. Previously unrepresented classified staff only received 3-day bereavement.

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