Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda | May 20, 2022

Executive Faculty & Staff: Michelle DenBeste, Provost/Vice President for Academic & Student Life Andreas Bohman, Vice President for Operations Kandee Cleary, Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity Paul Elstone, Vice President for University Advancement Kremiere Jackson, Vice President for Public Affairs Guests: Andy Brommel, Director of Communications, Campbell and Company (via Zoom) Anna Goren, Associate Director, Communications, Campbell and Company Kole Farrise, Associate Consultant/Executive Search, Campbell and Company BOARD PLANNING Branding Work with Campbell and Company

Central Washington University engaged Campbell and Company to assist with elevating a clear brand for the university and to provide counsel for our comprehensive campaign. Their work on branding and campaign will dovetail with the work of developing a vision and mission, which is a unique opportunity to create clear alignment across our work. CWU is working most closely with three representatives from Campbell, including two individuals who specialize in communication: • Anna Goren (Associate Director, Communications) • Andy Brommel (Director, Communications) • Cassie Carter (Vice President). As part of the thoughtful planning process for a campaign and a university-wide branding process, Campbell has begun to work with various internal and external CWU constituents to build on the mission and vision work currently underway. As part of their discovery process, the Campbell team led the Board of Trustees through a brand development discussion. BOARD BUSINESS MEETING • Board bylaw amendments: Trustee Black reported that the board will delay the discussion on succession policy until all members can meet in person. • Committee appointments: Committee appointments to the standing committees of the board are at the discretion of the chair. Chair Nellams has appointed Jeff Charbonneau to the Academic and Student Life Committee. ACTION AGENDA Approval of Consent Agenda The formal recognition of employees is contained in our consent agenda. Motion 22-03: Ms. Gillis moved that the Board of Trustees of Central Washington University hereby approves the consent actions items submitted February 18, 2022. Ms. Hall seconded the motion. The motion was approved. Approval of Student Conduct Code Motion 22-04: Ms. Jenkins moved that the Board of Trustees of Central Washington University hereby adopts the proposed Student Conduct Code amendments under Chapter 106-124 WAC and related procedure amendments under WAC 106-08-050. Mr. Nellams seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

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