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N ew J ersey ’ s C ompany of the M onth By Amanda Gibney Weko TFAB Group – Where Experience Yields Solutions

r e s p e c t e d Philadelphia general con- tractor, he took a strong sense of per- s o n a l r e - sponsibility and an en- trepreneur- ial spirit. He W

to streamline projects, cre- ate efficiencies, avoid waste, and help owners understand where and how their budgets are being spent. The company uses teamwork, organization, and technology to shape proj- ect results. “We define value from the owner’s perspective,” Bearn added. “We deliver results with their concerns in mind through every stage of a project.” He explained that TFAB Group thinks about projects and approaches its work to achieve great projects and improved processes. Bearn has personally spearheaded and developed procedures manuals to keep superinten- dents and project managers on the same page. He has implemented general condi- tions approaches to make bidding more competitive. His operational procedures have standardized project start- up, submittals, cost manage- ment, and quality control. TFAB Group has tools and metrics in place to track and measure schedule perfor- mance. And in an era of email, Bearn and his team still pick up the phone and meet face- to-face, believing that good communication builds trust and teamwork. TFAB Group’s comprehen- sive project management ser- vices range from budget and RFP development and team selection to construction over- sight, developer coordination, and constructability reviews. Construction consulting and support services can help a new contractor with start- up, or help an experienced construction firm with Lean Construction training, best practices, logistics and phas- ing plans, and construction management. TFAB Group also offers construction loan consult- ing, feasibility assessments, conflict resolution, and con- struction monitoring and reporting. TFAB Group serves clients in healthcare, education, senior living, and general commercial markets. Bearn and his team offer in-depth experience with Life Safety Code compliance, complex regulatory approval process- es, LEED certified projects, and phasing work within oc- cupied buildings. n

ing and project management practice serving building owners and contractors in

want to build long-term rela- tionships that offer long-term value.”

team has a shared sense of pride and wants to work together again. He places a lot of emphasis on trust and cooperation, making projects run smoothly for his clients and his colleagues. TFABGroup provides third- party construction consulting and project management services guided by Bearn’s personal accountability and solutions-oriented outcomes. The firm’s work is shaped by the principles of Lean Construction and Bearn’s 30-plus years in the industry. TFAB Group looks for ways

hen Tom Bearn l e f t a l ongt ime role with a well-

“I grew up in the construction business, working for a family-run general contractor when I was still a teenager, and rising through the industry with increasing levels of responsibility. I’m known for being fair but firm, stressing consistency, and always striving to develop new procedures and standards that improve efficiency. I let my teams run, but I’m always accountable.” - Thomas F. Bearn, President, TFAB Group, LLC

Thomas Bearn President

southern New Jersey and greater Philadelphia. “Our measure of success is simple,” said Bearn. “We

Bearn calls a project suc- cessful not only when it is completed on time and on budget, but also when the

founded TFABGroup, LLC , late in 2014 and has quietly built the business into a suc- cessful construction consult-

Where Experience

Yields Solutions

Third-party construction consulting and project management services guided by personal accountability and solutions-oriented outcomes. • Project Management • Construction Management • Contractor Support • Construction Loan Consulting • Lean Construction Expertise • Regulatory Approval Oversight



Do your project teammates want to work together after the job is done?

Ours do.

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