King's Business - 1930-01

Both for $2.00 A Whole Year’s Subscription to Two Helpful Magazines at a Money-Saving Price! Act Now—Be Glad a Whole Year! The two magazines may be ordered sent to different addresses. Again we have arranged with The Illustrator to make a combination offer so that pastors, Sunday-school teachers, and their friends may have the benefit of the saving offered by the combination. For nearly half a century The Illustrator has been accepted by all denominations as the Sunday-school worker’s magazine without a peer. Its wide and sweeping range answers every re­ quirement of the successful teacher. Ministers use it for its helpful notes and illustrations. ‘‘Everyone takes The Illustrator these days,” writes an en­ thusiastic worker. TRIAL OFFER: The Illustrator and The King’s Business 3 months for 50c Trial Offer Enclosed please find 50 cents For f THE KING’S BUSINESS l THE ILLUSTRATOR (three months) NOTE— Each magazine will be mailed to subscrib­ ers direct from its own office of publication. Post­ age extra to Canada,—The King’s Business 25 cents; Illustrator, 12 cents. Foreign— The King’s Business 25 cents; Illustrator, 24 cents. A Whole Year Enclosed please find $2.00 For | THE KING’S BUSINESS ITHE ILLUSTRATOR (one year) THE KING’S BUSINESS THE ILLUSTRATOR . (Twelve numbers of each) Sunday-school teachers, superintendents, preachers, Bible class scholars, and others who study the International Sunday School Lessons award a high place to The Illustrator. The reason is obvious——it solves the teaching problem for all grades in a most practical way. Its high spiritual tone endears it to all. . . . $1 .25 Save 25c $1.00 $2 $2.25 forthetwo C N J C y A W O U L D T O L D W I T H THE TRIP IN THE GREAT ZEPPELIN Cost $7,000 each Lasted Three Weeks Gave Only a Bird’s-Eye View of the Earth A TRIP WITH THE REVIEW Costs only $2.50 Lasts One Year Gives An Intimate View of All Lands And Work of All Societies A V I T I T T C UNTAMI L I A I CUUNEUT CTTT IE EARTH This invitation is extended by the REV IEW . The pilots on this w onderful voyage are such well known folk s as Pictures, maps, articles and editorials present views of the progress o f Christianity in North Am erica, China, Japan, India, Korea, Moslem Lands, A frica, Latin Am er­ ica. A ll visited on this trip. I f you are a m issionary leader, Mrs. F. I. Johnson, President of the Federation o f W om en’s Boards o f F o r­ eign Missions, w ill help you use what you see to help others. You w ill also become acquainted w ith the latest and best m issionary books and authors. COME WITH US! BUY YOUR TICKET NOW! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS TRIP! HERE IS A SPECIAL OFFER The Missionary Review of the World - $ 2 .5 0 The King’s Business - $ 1 .2 5 Both $ 3 .0 0 . Save 7 5 cts. Subscribe to these two indispensable magazines Trial Offer Toar Mutts (1.00 ADDRESS TOUR ORDERS TO E ITHER OFFICE The Missionary Review of the World 150 F IFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK , N. Y. The King’s Business 530 So. HOPE STREET, LOS ANGELES, CALIF. Dr. Arthur J. Brown Helen B. M ontgom ery W illiam R. K ing Mrs. H enry W . Peabody and others fam iliar w ith the conditions at home and abroad. Samuel M. Zwem er John R. Mott R obert E. Speer E. Stanley Jones NOTE- Each _magazine will be mailed to subscribers direct from its own office of publication. The two magazines may be ordered sent to different addresses. Postage extra to Foreign Countries— The Missionary Review of the World 50c; The King’s Business 25c. Name.. Make remittances in money orders or currency (registered). Local checks not usable. Address orders to either office. THE KING’S BUSINESS 5 3 6 South Hope St. Los Angeles, California THE ILLUSTRATOR 1 5 8 Fifth Avenue New York City Name..

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