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Founded in 2015, Dukes Education is a collection of the UK’s finest nurseries, schools and colleges, as well as summer schools and consultancy services — all united in their passion for nurturing students and helping them thrive.

We are highly selective about which schools and organisations join us. Our family is small and close knit, which we carefully curate to ensure there is harmony amongst our teams.

Being part of the Dukes family means we can all come together to share experience and expertise, supporting each other to achieve the extraordinary.

There’s power in the collective, our results are outstanding, but there’s more to us than that. Our students benefit from constant sharing of best practice; developing culturally and socially, whilst enjoying a rounded education.

“In 2015, I founded Dukes Education. The beginning of the Dukes story is simple. I wanted to do something I love, and I love developing young people. I’ve been inspired by many individuals throughout my involvement in finance, the military and sport. Growing up with dyslexia meant I had to find my own way to succeed – but the encouragement and support of my family and school was crucial. I wanted to give others the chance to

be successful against the odds and in the face of obstacles.

On every publication, email or letter from Dukes Education, you will see a small crown next to our name. When Dukes began, we decided to use a sign that expressed everything we wanted the company to be. The Dukes crown symbolises our ambition to be at the absolute top of the education sector – a mark of recognised quality. It also symbolises the ambition of our students and parents. They come to us for schooling, guidance and expertise because, in their own way, they want to build a ‘crown’ of achievement themselves. Our mission is to be the best at helping them to do this. Everything we do at Dukes is driven by a strong desire to nurture young people so they can achieve their true potential. I am so excited for our future. We are in a privileged position: we have a unique opportunity to create dreams and inspire excellence in our students. Only time will tell what lies ahead but we will continue to evolve and have fun while we create and inspire!

Welcome to Dukes Education.”

Aatif Hassan


Opened in 1986, Heathside School is an independent Prep School and Nursery for pupils aged 2 to 14 years old. Located in affluent Hampstead, the school operates across six sites all of which are in close proximity to Hampstead Heath; allowing the pupils easy access to open spaces for sport and physical activities. Heathside is a, happy, friendly and academic school for boarding and day pupils. Over the last 25 years, the school has worked hard to maintain a child-centred approach, where kindness and happiness remain at the heart of everything we do. With a core ethos of wanting to keep childhood special, the pupils benefit from a supportive environment where they can enjoy growing up, whilst nurturing a love of learning.

Our values are the common thread that weaves through our family. They help us to steer through the daily chaos of the classroom and stick to what’s important. All our students, teachers, and parents are different, but sharing these values binds us together and makes us stronger.

We lead with heart. No-one knows their school better than the Principal or Head who runs it. And no-one cares more about it than they do. So we make sure they lead on every decision, preserving the individual character and ethos of their schools. We look for leaders who are still children at heart; people who love the fun — as well as the fundamentals — of the classroom. These are the people who shaped the direction of Dukes from the very beginning, and continue to shape it to this day. And we do our very best to look after these people, because we know they’re the most important asset we have. We’re a team. Individually we can achieve amazing things, but together we’re extraordinary. So, while each of our schools is independent, they’re strengthened by being part of a family that shares resources and expertise. The best teams are made up of autonomous individuals. Our management structure has no more than four levels from our board of directors to the most junior members of our team. This means everyone knows where they fit in the bigger picture — and they have the freedom and flexibility to act quickly, and make decisions for their school. We do it well. We know that if we want to inspire excellence in young learners, then we need to achieve excellence in everything we do. One way we accomplish this is by working closely with regulatory authorities and inspection bodies to ensure everyone in the Dukes family delivers the highest possible standards. Additionally, the members of the Dukes Education Advisory Board come together regularly to discuss recent and future developments across the group. Their expert support and guidance not only helps us meet best-practice standards, it encourages us to set newer, higher standards for all. We love learning. We believe education should be exciting at any stage, whether you’re starting school, or you’re running one. So we’re driven to instil our lifelong love of learning in our students — through teaching inside the classroom and, outside, through our initiatives. We also provide extensive staff training, leadership and management programmes, so our teachers can continue their education too.


Finance and Accountancy

Advising on general financial policy within the school;

Preparing annual estimates of income and expenditure to include the preparation of departmental budgets within the school, the latter in consultation with the Head and Senior Leadership Team;

Monitoring income and expenditure in relation to budget and presenting regular management reports to the Senior Leadership Team and Board;

Keeping the accounts of the school and preparing financial statements; profit and loss, balance sheets, cash flows and budget variance reports;

Maintaining cash flow projections for the current and future years;

Advising on and negotiating commercial contracts/leases;

Working with the Registrar and Senior Leadership Team to determine pupil numbers and make-up (including special needs);

Preparing pupil fees and collecting all fees and extras, including collection of outstanding debt and enforcing terms and conditions of registration;

Payment of all salaries and wages, including PAYE, Pension and National Insurance Contributions and compliance with regulations for Benefits in Kind;

Administering pension schemes for teaching and non-teaching staff;

Scrutinising and passing for payment all invoices received in the school;

Keeping analyses of costs and other statistical records;

Preparing forecasts for the future financial performance of the school; usually over a period of five years;

Preparing financial appraisals of particular projects;

Advising on scholarship and bursary funds and undertaking assessments of parents income and assets prior to making bursary awards.

General Management and Administration

Acting as clerk to the Board

Ensuring compliance with all relevant aspects of employment law including employment protection, equal pay, minimum wage, Working Time Directive or discrimination on the grounds of sex, race or disability;

Advising on employment matters including disciplinary procedures and ensuring that the school has appropriate disciplinary and grievance procedures;

Ensuring that all relevant staff have contracts of employment and keeping the school’s standard contracts up-to-date as new legislation takes effect;

Managing the employment, terms and conditions of service, supervision and welfare of all staff;

Managing contracts with agency staff and contractors, with terms and conditions that ensure compliance with safeguarding policies;

Monitoring and implementing the school’s policy to comply with the requirements of health and safety legislation. Carrying out risk assessments where appropriate and monitor all departments to ensure that they are carrying out risk assessments. Take professional advice as required;

Purchasing, either directly or through a purchasing group, all goods and services for the school;

On behalf of Hampstead Schools Ltd, dealing with the letting of property to third parties; ensuring that the appropriate leases and licenses to occupy are signed by the tenants;

Acting as correspondent with the Department for Education (DfE) and being responsible for the records and returns required;

Advising on, and taking the appropriate physical security measures within the school for, the protection of both staff and pupils;

Maintaining contact with the statutory authorities and other organisations;

Catering which may be contracted out;

Cleaning and security which may be contracted out;

Overseeing the management of uniform sales;

Management of the IT provision across the school;

Management of sports equipment and facilities;

Minibuses and transport - compliance with the regulations for the operation of minibuses; driver training and assessments; servicing and vehicle inspectorate tests.

School Buildings

Maintenance of school buildings including the preparation of maintenance schedules and keeping of records;

Managing the installation and maintenance of equipment for the detection, warning, protection and escape from fire ensuring the necessary fire risk assessments are carried out;

Maintenance and efficiency of the installations and plant for electric and gas supply, heating, domestic hot water, water softening etc. Letting of energy supply contracts at competitive rates, either directly or through a purchasing group. Promotion of energy conservation;

Ensure that catering areas meet the requirements for hygiene and food safety;

Managing the maintenance of the lighting and ventilation in all school buildings;

Drawing up outline specifications for new buildings, obtaining tenders, planning permission, liaison with school architects and builders.

School Grounds

Upkeep of gardens, all weather surfaces, etc;

Securing of grounds and sporting facilities for use by the school;

Land drainage;

Maintenance of boundaries, roads and rights of way.

Pastoral Care

Be fully conversant with, and apply, the school’s child protection policy and all related issues;

Promote good attendance and monitor it in accordance with school policy;

Promote the general progress and well-being of pupils.

Professional Standards

Support the aims and ethos of the school and carry out the school’s strategic plan;

Treat all members of the school community with respect and consideration;

Treat all pupils fairly, consistently and without prejudice;

Set a good example to pupils in terms of appropriate dress, punctuality and attendance;

Participate in the school’s extracurricular programme;

Take responsibility for personal professional development within the school’s CPD programme;

Attend all departmental and staff meetings, Parents’ Evenings, New Parent’s Day and ensure that all deadlines are met as published in the school calendar;

Undertake duties that may be reasonably assigned by the Head (directly or indirectly).

About You

Ability to work unsupervised, use own initiative and manage own time.

A minimum of a degree level qualification (or equivalent), ideally with a professional qualification in finance, management or property. Business experience with the knowledge of commercial and allied subjects adequate for the management of the day-to-day affairs of the School. A proven track record of successfully leading, developing and managing people, with first class communication skills, interpersonal and dispute resolution skills, and experience and knowledge of project management.

Excellent communication skills, with the ability to liaise confidently with contractors, academic and support staff, visitors and the general public. A willingness to be adaptable, flexible and to work unsociable hours as sometimes required by the job. Demonstrable leadership abilities, with a good eye for detail, and the ability to prioritise, motivate and delegate to staff. A positive “can do” attitude, with the ability to analyse and evaluate complex issues and provide appropriate solutions.

Proven ability to maintain tight financial control on operational programmes.

Experience of working in an educational setting desirable but not essential.

Evidence of an understanding and commitment to Health & Safety.

Dukes Education is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

Application Process

Applications should consist of a CV and covering statement outlining key matching experience and rationale for applying for the post.

Applications should be sent to our recruitment advisors at The Management Recruitment Group:

Adam Spencer T: 0208 892 0115 M: 07989 435 960 E: adam.spencer@mrgpeople.co.uk Hayley Mintern T: 0208 892 0115 M: 07530 680 184 E: hayley.mintern@mrgpeople.co.uk

Applications will be reviewed and The Management Recruitment Group will undertake preliminary meetings with selected candidates during the week commencing 20th January 2020.

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