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561.671.5995 | 954.272.6187 | 110 SE 6th Street, Suite 1700, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 4440 PGA Blvd, Suite 600, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 THE IMPORTANCE OF SETTING GOALS — THROUGHOUT THE YEAR

Goal setting is important. Every year around this time, the airwaves are filled with news segments talking about New Year’s resolutions. You hear about why it’s so important to set resolutions, what resolutions to set, and how to stay on top of them. But by the middle of January, the talk of goal-setting ends, and everyone talks about something else. Worse yet, a majority of people who do set New Year’s resolutions are no longer working toward them by the middle of January. By some estimates, about 80 percent of people don’t complete their resolutions.

I’m a believer in setting goals. I often talk with mentors and others I respect

wanted to write it, but I didn’t have a start date or any dates set that I wanted to have a certain number of pages written.

about goals. I know the importance of goals — whether they’re short-term or long-term. At the same time, I’ll admit that I’ve not taken my own advice and missed goals I set for myself. I can say, however, I did hit a few big goals this year, but they weren’t necessarily goals I set last January. They weren’t resolutions. This year, I plan on piggybacking on the accomplishments of 2017. I’m looking at ways to grow the firm and to see what I can do better for our clients. Last year, we made substantial changes. We developed more resources. We put together more videos. I wrote a new book. The list goes on. My goal is to continue down this path. But, again, this isn’t a New Year’s resolution in the traditional sense. I don’t see Jan. 1 as the start date of this goal, or Dec. 31 as the end date. It’s a goal for the firm, which I’ll be working toward over the next year. The process of writing “ My Loved One Has Been Arrested: What’s Next? ” is a good example of this. Before I began writing this book, getting started seemed like a daunting task. I knew I

Instead, I focused on the fact that I wanted to write it and took it bit by bit. I wrote an outline, and then I added content. I wrote when I had time between work, family, and everything else. Eventually, I found my rhythm, and it started coming together. Then, before I knew it, I had a completed book and I made it available on our website. When you set goals for yourself, the best thing you can do is simply write them down. Grab a pad of paper and a pen and list out what you want to accomplish. It gives you something to reference and keep around as a reminder. But don’t wait until January to write down your goals. If it’s the middle of July and you think of something you want to accomplish, write it down. Make it a goal then and there. Then make a plan and start following that plan. Before you know it, you’ll have completed your goal. –Matthew Konecky



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