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Meeting My Wonderful Wife

My wife, Wendy, and I have been married for 22 amazing years. Because it’s Valentine’s Day this month, I wanted to write this cover about how we met, and our wedding day. We went to the same college, University of Texas, and depending on who you’re asking there’s a few days difference on precisely when we met. She says that we met at a college club meeting. I remember, however, that we met a few days after this meeting at the club table where she was volunteering. I was a sophomore at the time, and she was a freshman, and we were both taking German. We planned on studying German together, and we met up a few times a week to practice. The two of us were already pretty good friends, so it wasn’t long after these practice sessions that we started dating. One of the first dates we went on after we’d been dating for a few months was a trip to the San Antonio Symphony. Her parents had season tickets and I listened to a lot of classical music when I was a kid. It was a pretty casual event, but felt just like going to prom. “I remember thinking how hot it would be outside in the Texas heat, and I joked with the priest that I wanted a 15-minutes- or-it’s-free ceremony, though he wasn’t too crazy for that idea.”

Wendy and I dated for three years before we were married in 1996. The outdoor wedding took place in June at Wendy’s parents’ place, just outside of San Antonio, in a town called Fair Oaks Ranch. I remember thinking how hot it’d be outside in the Texas heat, and I joked with the priest that I wanted a 15-minutes- or-it’s-free ceremony, though he wasn’t too crazy for that idea. When it came time to plan the wedding, I managed to make only one decision: I was asked if we should have harpists at the reception and I said, “Sure!”Wendy took it from there. The ceremony itself was rather small and included our family and friends, but the reception was pretty substantial. We had booked a nearby country club, and most of Wendy’s mother’s work friends showed up. So, there were a lot of people there, most of whom we didn’t even know! Nothing too stressful or crazy happened during the wedding ceremony. Thinking back, there were only two things I remember adding stress to the wedding. The week before, I decided to get my hair cut at a new place while I was on a job in North Carolina. I left that barber shop looking like a teddy bear. Although she wasn’t thrilled, Wendy just laughed when she saw me, probably because it had been three months since she’d last seen me. She took me to her hairdresser the following day, and although the haircut was a bit better, it was so short that I looked like I was in the military. We went to New Orleans for our honeymoon, which was a lot of fun. Since neither one of us are big party animals, we went to all the museums around the city. We hit a few jazz places too, and got to hear the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. We did want to visit Bourbon Street, just to say we had, but it was pretty tame that week.

A few years after we were married, we had our first daughter, Grace. We had Elissa (during law school) a few years after her, and Kaitlin came two years later. I couldn’t be happier in life with my three girls and my beautiful wife. No matter which day we actually met, I’m glad that I had the opportunity to meet Wendy and have such tremendous life experiences with her.

I wish all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

-Aaron Miller | 1

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