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Landmark Ledger August Is Bringing Change And How We’re Preparing

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August 2019

When scaling your business, it can be a big change, and you need to know who

change in our lives. It meant a lot that we could be there for each other, even if it was just little things, like helping each other get ready for school or setting up the dinner table. To this day, if any of us are getting ready for a big change, we’re there for each other, especially if it’s related to business. Since we get in touch weekly, we can give each other business advice if we need it. We’re all lucky in that respect; we all have a little expertise in different business fields, so we’re constantly learning from each other. My sister is always eager to help us and point us in the right direction with any legal matter. My brother had a PR firm, so he knows his way around various marketing and public communication issues, but if they ever get audited, I’m their tax guy! Because I’ve been able to depend on my family during times of change, I strive to be that same reliable resource to my clients for the changes in their lives. Landmark Tax Group is about helping individuals understand their tax situation and figuring out a way to improve it. After all, taxes are just as stressful to an adult as the arrival of a new sibling or divorce can be for a child. When you’re in need of a stable pillar to help with your taxes, we’re always ready to take the call. If you’re coming up on an exciting or intimidating change in your business or personal life and you have some tax questions or concerns, know that you can rely on us. We would love to visit with you and ensure the next big change in your life goes as easy as possible.

you can rely on. This type of change can feel a lot like welcoming a new member to your family or a big move.

My wife and I share a big, close family, which is helpful to lean on when you have a shift in the status quo. I’m especially reminded of that right now because we are expecting the newest addition to our family this month. By the time you’re reading this, our 3-year-old son, Benjamin, will have a baby sister to watch out for. Benjamin is already taking his big brother position very seriously. Whenever we go out and my wife and I mention it being the three of us, Benjamin is quick to correct us. “The four of us!” he always says. He’s so excited to teach his little sister how to swim and play the guitar. It’s so sweet to see how much he already wants to look out for his baby sister. With our new addition coming into the world and changing our family dynamic, it’s a relief that we can rely on Benjamin to be supportive and ready to help. I’m honestly really impressed with Benjamin; for being so young, it already seems like he’s ready for the change and knows how to handle it. My siblings and I weren’t fully prepared for the change in our household. After my parents divorced, my dad and my siblings and I moved from New York to Florida. At the time, my little brother was 4, I was 9, and my sister was 11, and it was a lot to take in at such a young age.

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–Michael Raanan, MBA, EA, Former IRS Agent

We really banded together after the move, and it taught us the value of relying on each other during such a huge


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