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Our Journey to Personal Injury Dating, Kids, and Courtrooms

It’s a tale as old as time (sort of). Jennifer and I met in law school. We both attended South Texas College of Law in downtown Houston. Jennifer caught my attention right away with her outgoing personality and beautiful red hair, but she didn’t really notice me until we were on a study abroad trip in the country of Malta and sitting next to each other in a casino. We had our first kiss a few days later while on a weekend trip to Cairo, Egypt, and our journey began. After we graduated law school and passed the bar exam, I proposed to Jennifer in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. We were married about a year later and moved into our first home in Pearland, Texas. As fate would have it, we both began our legal careers at personal injury firms. It was a natural fit for both Jennifer and I because we enjoyed helping people who were hurt, and we both disliked bullies like big insurance companies. Make no mistake — insurance companies are often bullies and don’t want to pay injured people what they deserve. Jennifer worked at a larger firm. She had always dreamed of working at a big firm and working her way to becoming a partner. I often teased Jennifer that she had watched too much Ally McBeal. I took a slightly different path. I began working as a law clerk in my last year of law school at a small personal injury firm. I was excited that they offered me a job as an associate lawyer when I graduated, so I accepted the position and started learning everything I could because even then I knew I wanted to eventually start my own firm. I wanted to have a big family. I’m not sure Jennifer agreed initially, but she changed after the birth of our first son, Carson. The birth of my first child was a wonderful, scary, awesome, life changing experience. As we made plans for the arrival of our new son, I decided I wanted to begin building my own firm. Some people thought I was crazy, and maybe they were right, but with Jennifer’s support, I left the security of my firm and started The Kahn Law Firm, P.C. in August 2003. In the beginning, I did anything and everything I could do to keepThe Kahn Law Firmopen, including taking criminal defense cases. The criminal defense practice grew at a much faster pace, but personal injury was always our focus. Even though Jennifer was taking care of our infant son at home, she was also spending all of her extra time helpingme buildThe Kahn Law Firm. Not long after, Jennifer decided to joinme and become a partner. Our husband and wife legal teambegan, and now, 16 years later, we are still going strong!

The firm has grown and so has our family. We now have five children, our sons Carson, Cody, Corey, and Colton, and our fierce warrior princess Carolyn! Our children have been raised in and around the law firm. They have helped us prepare for big trials by doing activities such as hole punching, stapling, copying, sorting, etc. They see the hard work and sacrifice that Jennifer and I put in and are better for it. Often, when I am in a big trial, my older children who have cellphones will text me for updates because they are curious about how it’s going. When Jennifer and I are not working on our clients’ cases, all of our free time is spent with our kids! Carson plays football and baseball for Dawson High School and is working on balancing sports with his schoolwork. Cody is extremely bright and an active computer gamer and programmer. Carolyn is a competitive cheerleader and is a very talented flyer with Odyssey Cheer. Corey and Colton enjoy playing baseball at Pearland Little League and football with the Pearland Hurricanes. Who needs Netflix when you have kids like this? Even though we are always busy, we make time for church on Sundays because everything starts with God.

We always love swapping parenting stories, so send us an email and let us know what your kids like to do in their spare time!

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