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December 2019

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A Fulbright Scholar from Southwest Florida

Have You Met Emilio E. Feijóo?


t’s impossible to know someone’s story just by looking at them. As Walt Whitman once said,“I am large, I contain multitudes.”Our stories are full of different chapters that make up who we are, and

“That’s how a Cambridge graduate with two master’s degrees found himself mowing lawns in Florida to help his mother make rent by Aug. 1.”

these stories often take unexpected turns. The story of how our firm managed to get a Fulbright scholar and University of Cambridge graduate as our

social worker for pregnant women. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts in Collier County, she lost her job this past summer. That’s how a Cambridge graduate with two master’s degrees found himself mowing lawns in Florida to help his mother make rent by Aug. 1. “I literally applied for over 50 jobs,”Emilio recalls.“I found myself in a quasi-ugly duckling phase, constantly being told that I was either overqualified or underqualified. When I saw an ad on Craigslist for a law firm looking for a legal assistant, I applied right away. I was able to interview that afternoon and found myself speaking to Marc L. Shapiro himself. He offered me a job and, to compound on his generosity, Mr. Shapiro wrote me a $1,000 check and said, ‘This is for your mom. Welcome aboard.’ “Seeing the joy in my mother’s eyes when I handed her that check was priceless. One of my motivations for doing a great job as a marketing director is to pay back Mr. Shapiro’s generosity. Fortunately, I also really enjoy this job. I never expected that what I learned in academia would translate into marketing for a law firm, but I’m having a lot of fun. In the short time I’ve been here, we’re already seeing great results.” Emilio’s story is impressive, but the way he tells it is far more impactful. Emilio is the kind of person who recognizes how stories connect people. That’s how he walked into the office for a legal assistant position and walked out as our director of marketing. It’s also why he’s so incredible at the job.

director of marketing is just one of those tales.

To date, Emilio E. Feijóo is the only person from southwest Florida to receive

a prestigious Fulbright research scholarship. Fulbright scholars are cultural ambassadors for the United States and foster critical thinking, cultural sensitivity, and diplomacy with other nations. This scholarship took him to the University of Essex in England where he aimed

to answer the question,“How does a theory of poetry translate into a theory of politics?”A year later, Emilio was back in Florida, juggling three jobs with no health care. This is a situation many young people have found themselves in, but Emilio also spent that year going through an arduous process applying to the University of Cambridge and refining his research project. It all paid off when he was accepted to Cambridge’s sociology program to study the role of public intellectuals in society. Anyone who knows Emilio won’t be surprised to hear he was top of his class at Cambridge, even earning the highest marks in the history of the sociology department. Then this past June, Emilio’s story took an unexpected turn when he got a call from his mother, who was in tears after losing her job. Emilio’s mother had fled to the United States from Cuba during the 1990s and later became a

“It’s been a struggle, but you’ve got to persevere and believe in your principles and what you’re doing,”Emilio says.“When you know what gives you meaning in life, that’s half the

battle. I hope that I can be an example to others, especially young people who are in precarious and vulnerable positions. I work with a lovely group of people, and being a part of a personal injury law firm that helps clients from our local community gives me meaning and purpose.” -Emilio E. Feijoo

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