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December 2017

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Orange Coffeecake Fills the Air Cherished Memories and Holiday Traditions

When I think of my favorite holiday traditions, I am reminded of the delicious smells as I entered my grandmother’s kitchen on Christmas morning. This was the one day during the year that Gram made her special orange coffeecake. When Gram passed away, I knew I had to carry on the tradition of baking her special cake on Christmas morning. After searching through every cookbook and every recipe card, I said, “Gram, if you’re there, I really need to find that coffeecake recipe.” She must have been listening, because when I checked her favorite cookbook again, I found the recipe waiting for me. Even though she hasn’t been with us for several years now, it’s like Grandma is there with us celebrating. The warm, sweet smell of orange coffeecake brings me back to Christmas mornings when I sat beside her while my grandpa made us all hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows

Over the years, we continue family traditions through

the generations, and we incorporate new ones as new members join our families. These traditions are a part of

who we are. They keep us connected no matter how much time has passed; they unite

us as a family. Memories and stories are triggered by these traditions, which enable us to share details of our family’s history with the younger generations, keeping those past generations alive and present during the holidays. As we head into the holidays, it is important to be mindful of how others will spend the season. While the holidays can be a time for wonderful memories and laughter, for many people, the holiday season is stressful and filled with anxiety. For those who live alone, especially seniors, this time of year can be lonely. It’s important to encourage the elders in your life to share their stories and traditions. The holidays are the best time to connect the past to the present as we all come together in love and celebration. Whatever traditions you enjoy this year, know that all of us at Visiting Angels wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season!

— talk about a sugar rush! We would all sit around to eat a delicious breakfast and share stories of holidays past. These memories come flooding back to me now as I continue Gram’s tradition of making her special cake on Christmas morning.

“The holidays are the best time to connect the past to the present.”


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